7 Halloween Costume Ideas for Singapore Kids

For this year halloween, what do you plan to prepare for your kids costume? Ksisters did little research! Here we share 7 Halloween costume ideas for Singapore kids! Get inspiration and share your ideas in reply too!

1. Pokemon Go

When we talk about 2016 trend, Pokemongo is something we can't miss! From trainers to pokemons like Pikachu, many characters can be your inspiration!

2. Super hero

Like always, super hero is no.1 idea like Super man, Bat man, Spider man, and Iron man. What is different in this year is many girls also want to become super hero! Like Bat girl and Super girl, girls want to be strong as well according to NRF (National Retail Federation ) of USA's trend research! (It is first time in their 11 years research!)

3. Princess and Fairy

But still princess is No.1 idea that girls love like Elsa, Anna, Snow white, Sophia, Arielle, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and Cinderella.

4. Zootopia

I almost forgot. Yes, this year was the year that Zootopia came out! Of course Judy and Nick will be quite popular too! You know animal costume is always popular theme for kids during Halloween.

5. Finding Dory

Don't miss our dear Dory and Nemo. After long waiting, "Finding Dory" movie was released this year too! 

6. Star wars

Since Star wars latest episode was released at the end of last year, there was no chance that popular characters costumes could be used. So, industry experts expect it will be hot in this year. Especially, Yoda will be just so cute for toddlers!

7. Wizard and Witch

Latest book of Harry potter(the cursed child) was released in this July. We also have the most famous musical "Wicked" in town now, so wizard and witch costume will be quite popular too.

Ksisters Halloween Accessories

In case you don't like heavy costume (Many times toddlers just take out, no matter how much effort you put in), check out our simple yet very cute Halloween accessories! It might be more practical way to be photogenic for the entire day - Link