[8daysmagazine] Because twinning is winning(and how to do it right)

Ksisters is featured at 8daysmagazine! The title is "Because twinning is winning (and How to do it right)" I feel so blessed to be able to be part of this twinning trend article by Celine Tan! Once again, deeply appreciate dear! This kind of support means a lot to small mama business like us!! 


Started by Korean expat mum Jungmin Lee and named for her two daughters, KSisters serves up handpicked clothes from Korea, with a focus on mother-daughter fashion. Seen here with her two daughters, Jungmin tells us, "Twinning is a great way to feel a sense of bonding and show off your fashion sense. It's a mega trend now. In Korea, we call twinning the "couple look." The mother and daughter couple look is very popular. So many Korean brands have junior lines to keep up with this trend!"

"Twinning doesn't always have to be head-to-toe. I usually choose very simple and basic items and mix these with other items to create a similar look. For example, twinning with striped T-shirts is a good starting point. You can either buy the exact same item in mum and daughter size, or you can buy striped T-shirts from different brands too."

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