Your little bundle’s largest organ is most delicate and sensitive in his or her first few years of life. In the beginning, baby skin is paper-thin and more prone to rashes. As such, proper care and introduction of safe and natural baby products are crucial to maintain
smooth, supple and soft skin. 

As a parent, you definitely want the best for your child so you cannot help but to wonder so much about the products your child is using. 
How safe is this product? Can we trust the ingredients in the product? Is the product suitable for my baby’s eczema skin? 

To ease your parenting journey, we have prepared some product recommendations ideal for your young one.

Shampoo and Body Wash

It is rather common to find 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash products for babies. Despite their convenience, their cleansing power can be relatively weaker for scalp cleansing as a baby’s scalp and body actually have different skin characteristics e.g. skin acidity levels (pH). Unknowingly, dirt is not thoroughly removed from the scalp, ultimately leading to cradle cap where the skin on the hair is flaky and scaly.

Botanical Therapy has produced two individual hair and body wash products; Botanical Therapy Pure Baby Shampoo (Unscented) and Botanical Therapy Pure Baby Wash (Unscented). With their no-tear formula, no added fragrances and ingredients free of the 9 most harmful chemicals, both products are ideal for newborn, sensitive and eczema skin.

Lotion, Cream and Oil

Moisturising is key to maintaining your baby’s supple and soft skin. Coupled with our hot and humid weather, your baby’s skin barrier is likely to be damaged so it is extra crucial to treat your baby’s thin and sensitive skin. With continuous and proper moisturisation, your baby’s skin rashes and redness can also be significantly reduced. 

Botanical Therapy Baby Lotion (Unscented) is lightweight, fast-absorbing and suitable for normal to dry skin. If your baby has extra dry skin or some rashes, you may follow up with Botanical Therapy Baby Cream which has a richer consistency to effectively treat the skin. For eczema skin, we suggest locking in moisture with Botanical Therapy Calamine Baby Oil. This natural oil can also be used for a relaxing baby massage, perfect for post-bath time naps!


Suncare Protection

Once your baby is 6 months old, you can start considering using suncare products on your baby. It is never too early to start with sun protection, after all prevention is always better than cure! Due to babies’ delicate skin, it is important to use a gentle, mineral-based (ie. physical) sunscreen because this is less likely to cause irritation. Young skin is also more prone to rashes and eczema, thus it is very important that suncare ingredients are non-toxic and safe to prevent aggravating skin allergies and conditions.

Botanical Therapy Waterproof Sun Milk (SPF50/PA++++) is a mild but water and sweat-proof sunblock, perfect for outdoor play and water activities. It is super lightweight without leaving any tacky or sticky feeling after application. For quick, effortless suncare protection on the face, opt for Botanical Therapy Washable Sun Pact (SPF37/PA++). This face sun pact can be easily removed with water without leaving any traces of residue behind.


Soothing Care

Your little one cannot seem to stop crying despite you feeding, changing their diapers and carrying them. This may be due to them being in discomfort; discomfort which may or may not be visible to the naked eye. This hot and humid climate damages your baby’s skin barrier without you even realising and this damage usually shows up in different forms of rashes and in more serious cases, eczema. 

*Botanical Therapy Calamine Soothing Gel will help to soothe and moisturise your baby’s skin while cooling their body’s temperature down by up to 4℃. This unscented soothing gel has been formulated free of 9 potentially irritant ingredients so it’s mild and gentle enough to use even on newborns.

It’s also recommended to use this gel after a day out under the sun. The patented pink calamine powder capsules melts upon contact and will instantly calm the skin while the Asiatic pennywort extract soothes any form of irritation.


Not sure what steps to take for your baby? 
Simply follow our guide here
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We hope with these specially sourced and tested baby products, your little one will keep having that #myskinbutbetter complexion even as they grow!

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