With two upcoming events right around the corner, you’d surely want to look your best! From prepping your skin to glamming yourself up, we give you some tips for all-day flawless skin, secrets to voluminous, smooth hair and the perfect way to wind down your day or evening.

Ready for a makeover? Read on!



Double Cleanse

Nothing is more important than a clean, fresh canvas! Try IWLT Rice Cleansing Water or By Ecom Pure Calming Cleansing Oil as your first step cleanser to remove impurities and pollutants that may age your skin from your face and neck. Follow up with your cleanser of choice as your second step cleanser. We recommend Etinceler All Clear Cleanser as not only does it gently exfoliates, but also balances PH levels of the skin to achieve clearer, brighter looking skin!



If it has been a while since you have used a face mask, we recommend using By Ecom Heartleaf Purifying Mask or OHIOHOO Re’ Juice wash off masks for deep cleansing and to remove accumulated dirt from your pores. Makeup goes on best when your skin is well hydrated and moisturised. We recommend following up with a sheet mask such as Gongmi Rose Vitamin Mask or Gongmi Fermented Rice Mask.

Sun Protection

The most important step of your skincare routine is applying sunscreen, preferably with SPF 50 and PA+++ for optimal sun protection. Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, UVA and UVB rays are still able to penetrate through and cause skin damages e.g. premature ageing, sunspots etc.

Keep yourself and your young ones protected at all times. Prevention is better than cure. We recommend our must-have suncare products from I Woke Up Like This, Bonabella and Botanical Therapy!



You may want to put on eye makeup first as in case there are fallouts from your eyeshadow, you can clean your eye areas prior to putting on face makeup. 

If you have dark eye circles, Lavien Hyalpeptox Micro Patch helps to plump up your under eye fine lines and eye bags, and brighten your dark circles so that you will look more awake and less tired. You may also use them while applying your eyeshadow from Dasique palettes. They are versatile and can be used for your eyebrow and as blusher.


CLE CCC Cream comes in 10 different shades and is bound to be perfect for a large majority of skin tones. Apply on your cheek area first (to accentuate your face like a natural contour), then forehead and slowly blend and apply to the rest of your face. Should you need more coverage, you can apply a second layer. By Ecom Cicadation foundation has a slightly thicker consistency and can be used as a longwearing undereye concealer.

P.S. If your shade may not make it in time for CNY or V Day, you may consider By Ecom Honey Glow Cover Cushion or Lavien Radiance Essence Cushion.




Prep your lips with Yulip Lip Balm. To achieve a gradient look with Yulip Lipsticks, apply a darker colour on your inner lip followed by a lighter colour on your outer lip. 

For long-lasting tinted lips, we recommend Dasique Water Gloss Lip Tints.


Believe it or not, your hair plays a huge part in sculpting your face. Nobody wants to appear with untamed, frizzy lion-like hair! Phytopecia Hair Boosting Shampoo volumises your hair and cleanses your scalp while maintaining its PH levels. If you had gone to the salon for any chemical services, try Phytopecia Scalp Essence. It is good for scalp restoration and contains Centella and Peony root extract for soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Phytopecia Hair Tonic targets hair loss more specifically. It has Biotin and Growth factor like EGF, IGF-1, VEGF, and FGF for hair growth boosting, so you could show up for your date or CNY visiting with luscious hair!

Not keen to pay hefty salon prices during this period? Jung Beauty 2 Step Steaming Hair Spa is perfect for an at home pampering session. Best of all, 1 box contains 5 hair masks so you can share with your sister, mother and friends too! Follow up with NEW Jung Beauty Step 2 Leave In Essence Treatment to keep your hair smooth, shiny and smelling fabulous all day or night long. Spread the love this festive period with Jung Beauty.


Indulge in all the scrumptious food and drinks this festive period. You deserve it! At the end of your day or night, make yourself a cup of Gongmi Tea for detoxification. If you feel under the weather, consume Balanksin Pear & Balloon Flower Root Refreshing Pack. Made with Organic Pear, Balloon Flower Root, Red Ginseng, Aronia, Ginger, Gourd and Red Peony, this drink will help build your immunity and prevent respiratory and throat problems.

We hope you find our beauty tips informative! Stay tuned as we curate more beauty tips specially for you #ksistersfam


Take care and enjoy your celebrations!