Collaboration - Ksisters X AnotherSole

Who does not like a pair of good shoes? Additional bonus when this pair of good shoes has an amazing story behind. Ksisters is so honored to collaborate with this Singapore brand - Anothersole.

If you are a "Shoes Hunter" then I am sure you have heard of Anothersole. Their shoes are made of high quality leather and 100% premium natural sole to maximize comfort for you and your little ones. Their designs are so versatile, you can wear it to almost any occasion! My girls, Yeonsoo and Jooha love their shoes too and they have named them their "Cinderella Shoes".

For each pair sold, Anothersole will use a portion of the proceeds to feed a child that would otherwise go hungry. And I love their #buy1feed1 campaign! 10% of their revenue goes to feeding children, building sustainable communities, and supporting their future. This is a promise that Singaporean founders, Benny Chee and Phoebe Charn have kept since Day 1. I am so touched by their story.

If this is the first time you heard about them, give them a follow on Instagram and keep yourself updated with their latest news and updates!

Remember to join in the Giveaway and stand to win a set of twinning shoes for you and your little one! Click on the link to join!