Collaboration - Ksisters x Babystyleicon

Something was brewing last weekend! For those who has been following us, we had finally launch the Kboys collection along with @babystyleicon. This is definitely something unexpected but what a tick on the bucket list and the privilage to be collaborating with @babystyleicon on this project! 

The idea behind Kboys launch was way back in March when I was in Korea for my business trip while over a meal with Tjin. This project begin to blossom out from our conversation over our passion in business, fashion and kids. 

This launch is also one of our massive collection we have been launching so far. There are 3 looks launch in this collection, the street boys, the smart formal look and the organic look. what has been your favourite look so far? 

What's more Ksisters is delightful to work with many mummies with boys for the first time! The shooting process though filled with many sweat, tears, cheers, endless ice-cream and tidbits and massive changing but it was exchange with much more laughter, awwwww, heartfelt interactions and beautiful images. 

Thankful for all these mummies friends, without their support and dedication of their time, this is something that Ksisters would not be able to do do what we are doing. 

Thank you beautiful @wendology with handsome Finley 

Thank you beautiful May with handsome Ryan and Ryo @mayo923 

Thank you beautiful dawn @daprayer and cute Laurent 

Thank you beautiful Zeon with Spontaneous Zac and Zeph @zee_league 

Thank you Pat and stylish Johann 

Thank you @Tjinlee and cool Tyler and Jake 

and more savouring photos!

 At the same time, this is the first time that Ksisters organise a trunkshow and pop-up @theplayfair over the weekend! It was another heartwarming moment when we get to see our customers bringing their kids to support our pop up, we really appreciate the support despite the outpour in the afternoon! 

And thank you for always producing great shoots and images! This can't be done smoothly without your efficiency!