Collaboration - Ksisters x Bruno

We all know being a mum is never easy, whether is it a stay-at-home or working mum. We all resume this full time role, the moment we are with our kids.  Sometimes things just get ugly, messy and busy. I had to admit it's a struggle to get things organise and clean at home, and me looking good after the day end. 

Well, that's where and @brunohotplatesg comes in! There are elements in which both brands shared in common and close to our hearts. Not to forget that both brands are set up by mums, and it all started because we want to  empower women. 

Comfort, Function, Style and Practicality. All these elements are reflected in every outfit chosen, every product selected. We put the interests and needs of busy Mama who hold their families together and help them discover their true potential - capable, strong, stylish and full of love for their family. 

@brunohotplatesg is the official distributor in Singapore for Bruno. As part of their mission, it is to bring easy, delicious and beautiful home cooking to every home. Their products ranges for different household needs and family size, making cooking at ease and stylish. What's even better is the different colours that suit different themes at home and the different kind of dishes you can cook with it, from western breakfast to asian hotpot. Totally limits the number of pots and pans we need to wash (to keep our dainty nails and delicate hands) and maximise the time with our family. 

Same goes for Ksisters, this collection combines all of those elements to show you how the best times spent with friends could simply be in the comfort of your homes - anytime is a good time when you are with good company (and good champagne!) Just like how we have a whole load of fun at Libby beautiful home, wearing pretty clothes and learning how to hold champagne bottle from Joanne! That's a skill! 

There's something for everyone and every style for your own comfort in this versatile collection of beautiful spring colours and whimsical themes! 

What a perfect match for mamas!