Collaboration - Ksisters X Confetti Peektures

Angie from Confetti Peektures has a beautiful home studio - welcoming, bright and kids-entertaining. She is very experienced in Wedding and Pre Wedding photo shoots. With the thought of venturing into Maternity, Family and Children photo shoots, she approached Ksisters for a collaboration.

I met Angie at Trehaus for our first discussion and we hit it off right away. I felt that she is very receptive to my ideas and at the same time also giving her input based on her professionalism. 

I went to Angie's home studio together with my girls Yeonsoo and Jooha. The moment we stepped in, my girls screamed in excitement! They saw a Toy Claw Machine and a Snack Treasure Box! I must say, she is really well-prepared!

Angie is really friendly and given her experience with children at the Church, Yeonsoo and Jooha maintained a good mood throughout and is more than happy to pose for photos. The photo shoot took a total of two hours and there was not tantrums or meltdowns. The girls did not want to go home after the photo shoot! What an amazing experience for a first time!

If you are planning for a family photo shoot, check out Confetti Peektures!
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