Collaboration - Ksisters x GiveFunSG

Yay! Dreams do come true~ it is in our wildest dream that we can make these kids tunic top happen! and we are so delighted and happy that it is a success when we saw the sample arrived at our doorstep! 

The kids version tunic top just add vibrancy to this whole paddlepop collection. When we first thought that it will only be a friendship concept has now turn into twinning or even tripling (which is happening as we have received many insta-post of how our dear customers twin it with their mum too!) Now it will be waiting for the kids tunic top to arrive! Awwww~ That's just too sweet!) 

And YES! I am so thankful that we have Givefunsg ( joining us for this photoshoot with all their balloons plus doing a giveaway! Super yay!!! It just adds more colours, fun and stories to this photoshoot!

Givefunsg is a place where you can trust for your our one-stop party needs for their reliable and quality balloons! I really love the variety range of balloons and how lasting they are! And they just have something available for every occasions! 

And what's more the balloons they provided has given all our kids so much fun and laughter! Totally hype up the atmosphere that afternoon! There's a saying "Happy kids, Happy mums!"

And I am so grateful to have our beautiful mummies friends forking out their time with all their cute daughters joining us for this photoshoot! Introducing all our mummies and their beautiful daughters photoshoot by Hayden, 

Mummy @charlottekiew with her cute daughter Arissa in our light pink tunic top. 

Mummy @lollawongso with her beautiful daughter Bianca in our serenity blue tunic top 

@slywin with her sunshine daughter Coco in our yellow tunic top 

@redovalwater with her bubbly daughter Sienna in our Hot pink tunic top 

Lastly me with my daughter Jooha in my favorite teal mint tunic top! 

Thanks to all our amazing partners and friends, @givefunsg for all the different colours and sizes balloons for this photoshoot, Hayden for your amazing video and photos always, wonderful mummies and daughters for taking time off to come here for this shoot! This collection wouldn't look this fantastic and successful without you!