Collaboration - Ksisters X JeannieRichard Jewelery

We always look forward to collaboration because it always has an amazing chemical reaction and never fails to bring excitement. It is a great pleasure to be able to collaborate with JeannieRichard Jewelery this time!
Behind the brand name JeannieRichard is a husband and wife tandem. Their jewelry focuses on the beauty of beads together with our distinctly modern designs that are classy and trendy with a touch of Egyptian Art Deco style. For every JennieRichard piece you buy, 10% goes into supporting a charity annually.
Jeannie is the one making beautiful timeless pieces behind JeannieRichard. She has two lovely daughters and she does home schooling with them. How amazing is that? She makes use of the time after they go to bed to make jewelry - which could last all the way to 4am in the morning. Kudos to a passionate jewelry maker and a super mum!
There are a total of 3 exclusive designs specially made for this collaboration - Unicorn, Rainbow and Bow.
Also in this collaboration, we have with us the giveaway winners from our previous collaboration with Confetti Peektures - 3 beautiful mummies and their daughters to model for us in the photo shoot.
Unicorn Twinning Set - Shirley, Sophie, and Gemma 
Rainbow Twinning Set - Daphne, Naomi, and Skyler 
Ribbon Twinning Set- Erica and Ryzelle