Collaboration - Ksisters x Jujube_asia

We are excited to be collaborating with Jujube_asia for their new launch of Jujube bags! The moment we see the collections of bags that Jujube decided to launch, we have set our eyes on the Ever collection! We know this collection will work so well with our Traveller chic collection.

Especially, most of us are full time working mums, to travel and look good for work, yet have to contain the necessities of our kids can be tough. Sometimes, it just seem hard to strive a balance of both. 

However, this time jujube ever collection have carefully thought and designed bags that are essential to what mum needs to have and yet possible to still look chic. Made in Vegan leather, definitely made this bag lightweight. Plus we really really love the different compartments that give everything a good glance! 

And yes, it is also Ksisters honoured to have Ashlyn @ashylnthia and Dawn @daprayer. We love how this pair really have such good chemistry taking pictures together. They really bring out exactly what we are looking for in this traveller chic collection and yes, the jujube bag! 

This time traveller chic collection, we have carefully thought and curate what's really comfortable for working mums. I guess after being a mum myself, we would really appreciate something comfortable and easy to wear, at the same time looks good. Imagine carrying our kid on hand and the other hand, grocery bags and our working handbag! Oh dear, it will probably make us look in a mess.

And that's why we truly appreciate good design/styles that complement well for busy mums. 


Ksisters x Jujube trunkshow will be happening at Plain Vanilla on Monday, (11 June, 3pm)! First 10 bag purchasers will get Ksisters Twillies ($25) as a gift. We will also be bringing Traveller chic collection (Ksisters Clothes) to the venue, so you can touch and feel before your preorder. Only invited guests (RSVPed at the event page) can join the event! Event Link

(Preorder closing will be extended to Monday Night, 11:59pm) 

We can't wait!!! RSVP NOW and SEE YOU THERE SOON!