Collaboration - Ksisters x Pororo Park SG

Collaboration with Pororo Park started out with a simple conversation with Nasha, the marketing executive for Pororo Park, and as we were chatting about the similarity of of how Ksisters and Pororo Park has in common~ yes! you probably have thought about it! it is from KOREA! 

The whole idea begins to birth how we wanted to bring K-culture into the scene in Singapore and let everyone know about Korea culture and currently what's really 'IN' in Korea. Beyond that, it is also to share my love to everyone how Pororo park is a safe environment for kids to play and Pororo is also something that has been in Korea for a really long time! Every kid in Korea will know the Pororo characters. Hence, we decided to do a giveaway to our followers, hoping you get to experience the park as a family and enjoy twinning with your little ones! 

Pororo Park is an edutainment space which creates education effect while playing.  It creates a fun and learning culture to connect kids with the Pororo character, which also creates a play community that inculcate values and building relationship among family and friends. 

On the photoshoot day, Yeonsoo and Jooha were really excited! They woke up early and immediately got themselves dress in this Pink Overall dress! It was amazingly comfortable! You do not need to worry about the hot weather as it is light-weight and breathable. The girls has a good time twirling non-stop in their dress! Really happy to see them enjoy themselves so much and also I feel at ease letting them play on their own because of the safe environment.  


I am really excited and looking forward to this Pororo Collection! i love how each clothing look so matching and stylish with Pororo park! Hope everyone will enjoy this collection as much as I do! 

Happy Twinning & Happy International Women's Day!