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"Mama, having you is my greatest blessing." - Gin 

This mothers day we are very blessed to have Gin as our giveaway winner as she shared about her story and her heartfelt words to her mum. 

Together with, we had prepared a photoshoot with trio outfits for gin, her mum and her daughter. They really looked lovely in this lace dress beige and shirt lace dress, while gin's daughter is wearing our blair dress cream. 

Behind the preparation of this photoshoot, Gin's mum was actually caught by surprise that we had actually prepared a surprise video and a beautiful bouquet for her. The moment we showed her the video, we can all sense that she is really touched and emotional with all these gestures. All of us can't help but also feel really touched by their close and intimate relationship. And how Gin's mum actually sacrifice so much of her strength, blood, sweat, time, money just to show how much she love Gin. That's the greatness of mother's love isn't it? 

It is also heartwarming to see how much Gin sacrifices for her own daughter too. Despite of her busy work schedules, travelling to and fro... we can see how much she chose to prioritise her daughter first through their interaction during the photoshoot session! It was enjoyable to see the 3 of them enjoyed this photoshoot so much! 

Indeed, blood is always thicker than water. Nothing beats the kinship and love for one another in our family.

Thank you for doing such a beautiful timeless backdrop, conceptualising the shoots and filming and dedicating so much time and effort to edit the photos so that every mummies can enjoy these photos! 

As there is saying, pictures speak of a thousand words! Photos are the best-kept memories diary to share our stories generation upon generations. 

And to all our Ksisters mommies,

Happy Mothers day!

We wish all of you had a good family time on this special weekend and you have a well-deserving rest! 


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