Disney x Ksisters Journey

The beginning of everything~

Jungmin adored collecting Disney-themed merchandise but found it difficult to discover beautiful apparel designs suitable for casual wear. Although she is successful in acquiring several pieces that fulfils her requirement, those things do not have a similar design for her children Jooha and Yeonsoo :(

We have all been influenced by Disney Princesses since we were children. Watching Disney shows encouraged us to develop our creativity, while also teaching us important life values that are still etched in our minds. It was this experience that inspired Jungmin to design a line of classic and stylish mother-daughter Disney pyjamas and clothes, which led her to express her passion with Disney Singapore! This collaboration is special because Ksisters launched a series of collections that include not one, but 3 princesses.

Disney's The Little Mermaid

The first collection is inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid since that is also Jungmin, Yeonsoo and Jooha's favourite Disney character! Hence, it was only right that the debut collection included characters from The Little Mermaid. Jungmin was 5 years old when she saw The Little Mermaid for the first time in 1991, and she still remembers how enthralling it was in every way. Since her earliest years, Jungmin has been enchanted by Princess Ariel's passion and endless curiosity for the human world, further determining her decision to have Ariel in the first collection.


Disney's Bambi Twinning Midi Dress & Tshirts

There are so many great Disney classics to choose from for our 2nd collection! This collection is all about Disney's Bambi. As young girls, many of us at #teamksisters were mesmerised by Bambi's grace and elegance, so we decided to take inspiration from the lush greens and winter setting of the movie in our holiday collection!

Holidays are all about celebrations and spending time with loved ones, so "Togetherness" was the theme for this collection. Jungmin's love affair with twinning is no secret, mainly because of the unity it represents, which explains the #twinningiswinning hashtag. We wanted the outfit to be feminine on the ladies while still being beautiful on our mini-mes, thus we were inspired by Bambi's charm.

We wanted to create a dress silhouette that would compliment a variety of body types, therefore we created an A-Line dress. We wanted the dress to have a form fitting bodice with a relaxed flare skirt for easy movement and slimming illusion, thus we added adjustable waist tie strings at the back. The lush green environment of Disney's Bambi inspired the print. The design also includes Bambi and his best pal Thumper in a reddish-pink color scheme to give it a feminine feel. 

  Disney's Beauty & The Beast Family Twinning Modern Hanbok

 When we initially announced that we would be introducing a series of Disney collections, Beauty and the Beast was among the most requested Disney characters, so we knew we had to get this Disney princess out there as soon as possible!

Inspired by the movie's classic dance scene and shades, Belle's iconic yellow dress and Beast's navy blue tuxedo were the right color combination for the Chinese New Year festivities. Considering Chinese New Year in view, we wanted to combine the theme of Beauty & the Beast with a traditional design element. What better way to achieve this than to create a modern hanbok inspired by Beauty and the Beast? It has tie strings on the side of the dress and men's top that overlap, offering a slight glimpse of Korean traditional clothing.

Following the positive response to our Bambi design, we decided to continue the theme of family inclusivity in this collection. This reminded Jungmin of Korea New Year, when Korean families are seen wearing hanboks, and we wanted to add a little "korean style" to this CNY collection, hence we produced this range in modern hanbok style.

Disney's Princess Sweatshirt Set 

As part of the #UltimatePrincessCelebration, we chose to include four of our favourite Disney Princesses in our last Disney Collections by Ksisters! This time, we decided to design twinning ensembles not only for moms and daughters, but also for you and your girlfriends. We knew we wanted to produce a T-shirt collection set for this collection after our previous Disney's Bambi T-shirts by Ksisters were a huge hit with the #ksistersfam!

This collection includes four of our favorite Disney Princesses, each in a different color. Green for The Little Mermaid, Purple for Rapunzel, White for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Yellow for Beauty and the Beast.