[Event] Boutique Fair 15-18 March 2018

Just last weekend, Ksisters were at the F1 pit for the Boutique fair event. This is our second time doing boutique fair and we truly enjoyed it as this is like a bi-annual reunion for us to mingle and sharing our stories, struggles, dreams with different brand owners. 

Boutique fair has been founded in Singapore since 2002. It is a shopping event that brings together a curated mix of independent vendors across women's fashion, menswear, jewellery, bags and accessorise, gifts, home decor and children's clothes, toys and accessorises. 

Being part of this event has always been something I would like to participate yearly and I was really thankful when I get the chance to really be in one of it. And it never fails that each time, I get away with different learning points to build my dream business. 

Unlike the previous boutique fair experience, this time we actually brought in our Bruno preorder collection that week for our customer-friends to view and also doing it with @shokuninshoes. We really enjoyed engaging every single one of you, and how supportive you are to specially come down to find us on your precious weekend. It really mean a lot to us!

As an online business, we don't often get to know who our customers are and what their interest lies in.. This is definitely a great opportunity for us to bond and get to know you more. 

We truly appreciate your support in us and we really hope to curate more IT fashion from Korea and also our best service to you! As this boutique fair comes in with a perfect sweet closure! Till we see you again! 

Have a great weekend!