Guest Post - Twinning Around the World by Ahnah Han

I lived my whole life in the San Francisco Bay Area until moving to Singapore 1.5 years ago.  Needless to say, it was a huge change and I was looking for anyone to answer my questions about my move.  I reached out through Instagram to a clothing shop in Singapore,, to ask random questions like "Where can I buy kimchi in Singapore?"  Lucky for me, Jungmin answered all of my questions patiently and soon became one of my first real friends in Singapore!
Other than the fact that we're both Korean, one of the things we bonded over was our love for wearing twinning outfits with our children.  I have always loved twinning - my best friend and I used to wear matching outfits in college (I don't know whose idea it was at first, but this is why we are best friends) and I even got my husband to reluctantly wear "couple tees" with me.  But I found my perfect twinning partner when my daughter Senah was born.
Our current project is to twin in the traditional outfit of every country we visit. My husband and I thought our traveling days were over once Senah was born, but little did we know that we would take her on her first flight when she was just 2 months old and would continue to be blessed with many opportunities to travel. Senah is now 2 years old (28 months to be exact) and has travelled to 17 countries!  Senah and I have been draped in beautiful matching hanboks, kimonos, baju kurungs, ao dais, cheongsams, libaas, kebayas, chut thais, kbens, nyonya kebayas, saris and bar ot sayas.
Twinning in traditional outfits has been a wonderful way for us to document our family adventures (my husband joins us in the twinning from time to time!). Senah will probably not remember visiting all these countries, but I look forward to being able to share these precious photos and stories with her when she's older.
Thanks to our "twinning around the world project," we have met more amazing friends, like Jungmin, through the internet and in person! We have been blessed with kindhearted friends who have helped us find traditional outfits all around the world, or just simply supported and encouraged our mother-daughter project. You can see more of our twinning photos on Instagram (@ahjoomahan).  And hopefully Senah's baby brother can join in soon too -- he's due in October!
It's been an honor to see grow and flourish since I've known Jungmin; she is one of the most hardworking and dedicated women I know! She's also been an amazing supporter and friend through my journey of twinning with my daughter.  Thank you, Jungmin & Ksisters Team, for letting us share our twinning story!