How to become a Singapore tour guide for a mum with a baby

In 2007, I went to UC Berkeley as a exchange student! And I met my BFF Lina! She was beautiful, smart, kind, and most importantly interested in fashion and Asian cultures, which I was really into too.  
Time really flew. When we met again 8 years after then, we both became a mom of girls! And she became a power blogger( instagrammer(@sashaisagirl), who is sharing her story about traveling with her baby.
Luckily, Singapore was her destination at this time! So, I became her personal tour guide for 4 days! Here I shared the places we visited together and little tips, in case you need to become a tour guide for a mum with a baby too! 

Day 0. Arriving day

Had a dinner at Paradise Dynasty in Vivo City! These 8 colored Xiaolongbaos are quite popular among tourists, so don't forget to bring them! Vivo City play ground was also perfect for babies and toddlers!

Day 1. 

Singapore Zoo + Rest and afternoon nap at home
Explored Esplanade area
Dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay (always one of top 10 best hawker centres in SG)
Check out Merlion & Marina bay sands hotel lazer show

Day 2

Gardens by the bay + Singapore Flyer
Coffee at Pollen in Flower dome 

Day 3

Started with Little India. It was right after DeepaVali, so many beautiful Indian clothes and interior items were everywhere! Especially since my friend loves to take beautiful photos, this place was really a must-visit place. 
Move to Joochiat street via Taxi
Joochiat street was another perfect place, if your friend is interested in artisan items! You can check out Peranakan items too!
Don't forget to bring them to local kaya toast and teh place. We took rest in toast box.
Relaxed at home and went out for dinner! We had Army stew at Twins!

Day 4 

Swimming in our condo and relaxed.
For lunch, I prepared mille-feuille nabe at home, which is Korean style cabbage role.

Tips to be a perfect guide for a mum with a baby!

  1. Always bring water in insulated bottle to keep it cool for the entire day. We kept buying new watter bottle and pour into my insulated bottle, so Elly got hydrated properly!
  2. Don't forget to bring wet tissue and SOS snacks. With babies, you don't know what will happen. When situation got out of contro.. Most of cases, it can be recovered with these two items!
  3. Balance indoor and outdoor activities! Since they need proper nap time and rest, balancing indoor and outdoor was quite important!
  4. Don't schedule too much! Let's target 1~2 places for 1 day. We mostly used taxi, because we wanted to use this huddle time as relaxing time and if needed we used it as milk feeding time too! 

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