Ksisters's Singapore Halloween Party with Kids

This post is about how ksisters had a fun & casual halloween party with kids! You can also see how Singapore expat families usually spend the weekend together :)  

1. Invite best friends 1 month ago

Just in case they have a schedule conflict, I invited them early! My friends are all Korean families with girls aged 2~3 years old. I met all these wonderful friends in my previous company, and now we became BFF!

2. Decoration

Haha my life would have been much easier, if I simply visited Daiso 1 week ago. But you know me. I was too lazy to go there. (and I had a big sty on my left eye, so couldn't go out for shopping actually). So what I did is just 3 things below. 

1) Find good "halloween garland print" in google. 0 cost and kids love DIY. I used 2 designs below :)

White gost print    Black halloween mosters print

2) Make Signboard with kids. I just write "Happy halloween" and draw some icons. And ksisters just doodled and put some their favorite stickers like "good dinosaur."

3) Put little reading lamp inside the plastic jack-o-lantern! This plastic basket was what I only bought for decoration purpose from cold storage. And my husband put reading lantern with shaomi handy battery inside. That was it! so simple isn't it?

3. Food : Simple yet photogenic finger food 

We prepared simple finger foods below. On Sunday, I don't have my helper around. So, I didn't stick to "make from the scratch"! Some of them are readymade food. These are very easy to make, yet perfect for party with parents of toddlers(You can't sit for long time to run after your kids.) 

 Crabmeat Canape / Tuna Canape / Paella/ Tomato Bolognese Pasta/Tuna & Tomato Macaroni/ Karaage/ Dutch Cheese from hubby biz trip / IKEA Baked salmon with dill sauce/ Gin & Tonic with Cucumber - using potato cutter is a secret :)

4. Photoshoot

Luckily I and one of my friends had a DSLR. So, I asked him to bring his camera. And we let kids play with their costume and pose in front of camera. Simple back drop paper will dramatically change the end result. You can buy from qoo10 or buy from any camera accessory shop. The result was amazing. And most importantly, kids had a lot of fun :)

5. Halloween Movie

Movie choice might be difficult for kids. In our case, we showed them "Nightmare before Christmas", which is always no.1 recommended movie for Halloween! Kids liked it and adults even enjoyed more :)

6. Outdoor activity - River Safari's Safariboo

We wanted to do not-scary "trick or treat" for our kids. So, we decided to go Safari-boo all together! Innocently, I thought it is ok to just go there in that day. But actually, it was not! You needed to book it before, because it was simply too popular. Luckily we check just 1 day before and there were still few tickets remained. So we made it! Overall, I like the program inside such as cute monsters, free snack samplings, "Safariboo" stage show with many animals, and mermaid show! Mermaid show was breathtakingly beautiful! The way they swim is what I always imagined from the book and movie! It was so amazing that Jooha refused to leave that place at the end ;(

That is it! What was your Halloween story? tell us yours, we love to hear!

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