Wow! Ksisters has been featured in Straits Times! One of nation's biggest news papers!

Journalist Alyssa found out WOM about Ksisters is growing.. So she asked me a little interview for her article "K-fashion Invasion." So, it was series of interviews with K-fashion specialists! I felt so honored to be able to speak up as K-fashion Mom & Kids clothing business owner! She really liked our story, so later asked this photo shoot with Ksisters! 

Thanks to Straits times, our family had wonderful time with this shooting. I know this all happened thanks to mamas and friends sincere supports! I always deeply appreciate it! We will do our best to bring the chic and trendy twinning sets more and more!

Read the full article : Link, PDF

Featured Products : Skort Collection       White Lace Top

Check out Behind the scene photos here!