2021 marks a brand new start for all of us! We at Ksisters want to expand beyond just being a one-stop destination for all things Korean beauty and lifestyle. We want to be more engaging, especially towards our #ksistersfam who have been so supportive the past few years.

To better understand and serve your skin needs, we are now offering Skin Consultation!

Do you have a major skin concern you would like to address but unsure what products may or may not work for you? We have prepared a set of questions for you to get to know your skin further and find out more about your possible skin concerns as you answer the following questions.

You have SENSITIVE SKIN if most of your answers are A

Because your skin can get irritated quite easily, it is important to use products such as foam cleansers, hydrating toners, calming moisturisers, ampoules or serums that are gentle and non-drying. 

We would also recommend that you keep a facial mist with you throughout the day and try using a facial oil to lock in moisture.

You have OILY SKIN if most of your answers are B

Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands. You can take good care of your pores with good exfoliators, moisturising toners/ampoules with pore care properties and sebum-control moisturisers. 

To prevent clogged pores, use fast-absorbing products and gently exfoliate your skin at least weekly.

You have AGING SKIN if most of your answers are C

If you have mature skin but would like to preserve youthfulness to the skin, you may invest in a lifting mask, rich toners, thick regenerating eye creams or moisturisers and most importantly, sunblock (since 80% of ageing is from the sun).

One important tip is to apply your products in an upwards motion to avoid sagging skin.

You have DULL SKIN if most of your answers are D

Do not let dull skin discourage you! You can look into brightening your skin with products that are rich in Vitamin B, C, E and brightening ampoules/masks/moisturisers that help lighten dark spots.

Products which highlight Vitamin C and Niacinamide as their key ingredients are the products you should be looking at to apply on your skin.

Do you want to know which products will help address your skin issues?

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We understand that it can get frustrating to understand your skin’s traits and quirks as everyone’s skin is unique. We hope with this consultation, it has provided you a little insight into the different skin types and how you can take better care of your skin.

Until next time beauties!