Are you not exfoliating your skin or possibly exfoliating more than needed? Not sure what exfoliator to use for your skin type? Read on as we introduce the different kinds of exfoliators and how you can benefit from them.

Why do you need to exfoliate your skin?

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Here are several benefits of exfoliation to better care for your skin.

  • Helps speed up the natural process of removing dead skin cells
  • Draws out congestions e.g. blackheads and whiteheads, excess oil and skin cells that clog pores and cause blemishes 
  • Rejuvenate new skin cells, encourages cell turnover and growth of new skin tissue
  • Helps with uneven skin tone, pigmentation as well as post-breakout, red, and dark marks
  • Skin appears smoother and skin texture improves
  • Allows better absorption of skincare products

Basic Types of Exfoliation

There are two basic types of exfoliation: Physical Exfoliation and Chemical Exfoliation.

These terms may sound a bit daunting upon application on the skin, but we found that each process is actually quite gentle. It reminds us of indulgent facial spas which we bask ourselves in for a good skin day.


Skin Types and Exfoliation

Exfoliation varies according to your skin type. It is good to first be familiar with the type of skin you have before deciding on what type of exfoliator you should get for your skin.

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How many times should you exfoliate in a week?

While there are exfoliators gentle enough for daily use e.g. peeling pads, we recommend limiting exfoliation up to 3 times a week at most as over exfoliation may cause depletion of natural oil levels that should be present.

This is also why some people find that their skin gets oily as the skin thinks that it has to produce more oil as a result of over-exfoliating. So if you have oily skin, limit exfoliation to once a week and if you have normal, dry or combination skin, limit it to maximum 3 times a week.

A good start would be to study your skin. If you have never used an exfoliator before, ease into it and start with exfoliating once a week. 

Is it safe for pregnant ladies to exfoliate?

Exfoliation is still safe during pregnancy. However, hormonal changes can make your skin more sensitive than normal, so test products on a small area of skin first and consult your doctor prior to using any exfoliators (or any other skincare products) for extra precaution.

And keep the exfoliation to only once a week.

Should you wash your face after chemical exfoliation?

If the chemical exfoliator does not come in the form of a product that needs to be washed off e.g serum, then you do not need to rinse it off. 

It is also good to keep to one exfoliating product at a time.

Some days, your skin just needs some TLC so nurturing it with some exfoliation can help in maintaining that youthful glow and clear skin.

Exfoliation may seem like an extra, yet crucial step to your skincare routine. We hope you are excited to add it into your routine and hope you see the great results it can bring to your skin!