Why Mom and Daughter twinning is hot in Korea?

Have you ever wondered why ksisters keep bringing twinning outfits? Because it is hot in Korea now. Then, why it is hot now? For your curiosity, I share the behind story of this twinning trend in our blog!

1. Everything should be special for only one child

Just like Singapore, the number of family with only one kid is rapidly growing in Korea. I will say most of family has one child these days. These only one child always get extra special care of course! And matching dress is one of this special cares :)

-Yeonsoo was once a only child as well. It is a photo of 50 days-

2. Korean people are highly interested in trendy fashion in general.

On top of that, Korea is well known as a country has highly established fashion industry, known as K-fashion(friends of K-beauty). Because, Korean fashion industry is evolving quite fast by adopting & mixing & matching global trends in world fastest speed. It might be not the origin of trend, but how they develop and grow it is incredible. So, once Zara said its top rival is DongDaeMoon, the name of highly developed fashion street in Korea.

So, I would say interest in fashion and trend of average people is quite high, even though you are not working in fashion industry. You want to look nice and trendy in Korea. Don't want to leave behind.

For "highly interested in fashion" Korean mamas, twinning look for mom and daughter is like a destiny.

-Dongdaemoon Design Plaza is a signature building of Dongdaemoom area. Seoul Fashion week and every fashion related events happening here-

3. Not difficult anymore to find good looking twinning outfit (easy to find anywhere)

It may started as tacky and just cute simple printing T-shirt. But now it is extended to the entire fashion realm like dress, trench coat, accessories, and shoes. And the quality and design are so great now. 

4. Kids also like this twinning!

This big trend is also making our young fashionista happy, whose fashion sense is already highly developed unlike when we grew up. They start to choose their own cloth by the age of 2.  My two girls are like that, so every time we prepare outing, it is like fighting with them over what they wear haha. If we choose matching style, I am happy and they are happy too! Fortunately, they still want to look like their mamas. Mini size of pretty mama clothing is just satisfactory for them!

-Our twirly swirly dress black is ksisters all time favorite-

Why not starting now?

So, twinning is not very special thing only for hollywood stars like Beyonce. It became more like everyday fun thing to do with your own daughter for every mom, which helps you guys feel somewhat more bonded too! On top, they look super cute and sweet in the photo. 

Since I am a mom of two girls, finding good quality twinning outfit has been one of my big pleasures. My girls really like when I wear the same cloth with them. They just keep saying "Mommy, we look same! we are so pretty!" I can feel their pure joy. Sometimes, they refuse to take out the dress. 😂

Of course, Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in terms of fashion. So, it must be right thing to do bringing more twining? Isn't it?

What is your twinning story behind? Is it for your special occasion like first picnic with your baby girl? or first photoshoot? With your special one, every milestone must be special I believe. 

I promise to bring more beautiful twinning outfits (that mom wants to wear too, not only for daughters!) for our fun mom and daughter life!

ksisters mamas are in love withe this twinning skort, comfy and pretty! No worry about oopsy>,<);;  

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