Linen Sleeveless Dress with back ribbon (Navy/ Beige)



haha I am not sure if you have noticed that I don't wear sleeveless that often! Only when I found nice cutting one. I found my arms look fatter because my torso is quite skinnier than my hips, legs, and arms. So only when I wear nice fitting one, it looks right (more balanced). Yes you need to study your body figure! I found this sleeveless linen dress has that balanced look! 

I love that material is linen, so very cooling! and the two back ribbons are just so lovely too. I didn't wear pants for this dress to enjoy as mini dress (I am 166cm tall) but if you feel unsecure, you may wear bottom. 

Made in Korea/ Separate hand wash recommended.

Size Chart(cm) one side flat lay

Woman Free Size

Chest: 47.5cm Length: 85 cm   

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