Soohyang Wax Tablet

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Soohyang means excellent fragrance and our founder, Kim Soohyang, always knew she was destined to create her own fragrance company.

A fragrance reflects characteristics of the space, as well as emotions and the inner world of the people within the space. Like an outfit that fits perfectly, or a moving piece of music, a sensitively chosen fragrance carries a special meaning. 

There are 33 types of basic fragrances at Soohyang. We designed a variety of scents, in the hope that every customer can find a scent they fancy. You can choose one of our scents on its own, but they can be reinterpreted by using multiple scents at the same time. The 33 types of fragrances are produced in different categories, to invite our customers to experience them in diverse ways.

We believe a good fragrance can influence life in a positive way. All Soohyang products are manufactured in Korea.

Hand-poured in a pretty hexagonal shape, with soohyang's signature slogan embossed on the face, this soy-wax tablet is beautifully infused with Soohyang inviting scent. Wax tablets are also a great traveller partner to be placed in hotel wardrobe to make clothes smell fresh!  

Perfect gifting idea for friends, these scents will surely create an enjoyable and pleasant experience at home. 

User guide: 

A refined accessory for perfuming small spaces, a closet or a drawer. 

The tablet diffuses its perfume for approximately 3 months.

100% vegetable wax
Phthalate free
Handmade in Korea.


Itaewon 565 (Green Floral)

Itaewon 565 is the signature scent and the address of Soohyang’s very first store in Itaewon. Itaewon 565 is our best-selling fragrance, infusing a lot of fresh green floral note.

The Raindrops (Marine)

Similar but different, and better. It is the rebirth of our best-seller 'Raindrops'. The smell of rain reflecting the sound, the emotion and the texture of raindrops will make you feel nostalgia when lit on a rainy day.

Apricot Blossom (Fruity Floral)

Apricots are among the first flowers to bloom in Spring. The brilliance and the charm of Spring are melted in the scent.


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