Wayskin Skin Analyzer


WAYSKIN Skin Analyser is a smart sensor which provides professional skin condition readings based on highly credible data obtained through BIA technology, typically used in body composition analyzers.
The device helps to analyse the harmful environmental factors and habits that affects your skin. It provides instant, professional feedback and recommends solutions to help boost your skin condition. 
There is a smart notification feature which uses environmental sensing technology to measure and inform you about your surrounding environment, protecting your skin from harmful elements. From personalised hydration plans to skincare regimes based on your menstrual cycle, WAYSKIN can provide a detailed solution to balanced skin, even for the most sensitive skin types.
1. Download the WAYSKIN app onto your phone or mobile device.
2. Pair the device with your phone or mobile device.
3. Place the device onto your skin and check.
4. Data will be transmitted to the app and stored in your personal profile!

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