W.SEN SS2020 Petit Fiore Pop Pearl Earrings (7 Colours)

14 - 17 MAY

IN-STOCK DELIVERY: 2-3 Weeks after order confirmation. (Due to backlogs during CB period. Pls refer to our delivery schedule for more info)

W.SEN Petit Fiore Pop Pearl Earrings are very light compared to how they look. While founder Jinhee was preparing for the release of new products, the most important point to her is to always consider its weight & comfort when the product is put on. If it gives her any sort of discomfort, even the most pretty & fancy products end up being a pie in the sky. Founder Jinhee and her team sample the earrings several times to obtain a suitable size & form that is well-balanced with the human face. You can display various moods by purchasing several colours and wearing different colours together.

Founder Jinhee always pays attention to making it light, suitable in size and wearable multiple times to match her daily OOTDs. She wanted to create a product that people would prefer over others, bring attention towards the wearer, be photogenic, and above all, something that the wearer would be content with. Petit Fiore Pop Earrings, which has become a well-loved product year after year, haadded glossy pearls to the base colours this season, making it more luxurious & beautiful. We are sure you’d be more satisfied when you see them with your own eyes, as the subtle shine of the gold/silver pearl has not been fully captured on screen. Instead of the usual Swarovski crystal, it's now available in Swarovski pearl!

W.SEN presents colours that are the easiest to style during spring & summer. Note that there is not a single colour that is the same as before! All colours can be worn easily during your daily life, or for special occasions such as year-end celebrations or various events. Do you know that the one thing that can change someone’s impression (just as much as dramatic makeup) is choosing the right pair of earrings that suits you?

We hope you put together a pretty combination of your own! Please take a close look at the pictures & details below.

Fuchsia Rose

Camelia Orange

Sunshine Yellow

Misty Jade

Lavender Blue

Bijou Blue

Gardenia White


Flower 25mm, Swarovski Pearl 8mm


Fuchsia Rose, Camelia Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Misty Jade, Lavender Blue, Bijou Blue, Gardenia White


Petit Fiore Pop Pearl Earrings are made lightly & solidly based on the sheet metal technique. The motif of the Fiore, which was hand-drawn, is different from other products that feel like they are factory-made, giving a vibe that is exclusive to W.SEN.


Due to the nature of the work process, there may be fine air bubbles or specks of dirt on the product as the colouring process is being done on metal. This does not count as being defective, so a refund or exchange is not possible. All earrings are carefully coloured and dried on brass plates.

The product is vulnerable to water, sweat & moisture. Additional clear coating is not recommended.

Please take care of the product and do not apply too much physical impact.

No refunds or exchanges for simple allergies.

All products are self-designed. Unless there are defects, refunds or exchanges due to the customer’s change of mind are not possible. Please purchase only if you agree to these points.

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