Eine Baum Washing Machine Deep Cleaner


Did you know our washing machine can be dirtier than the toilet?

Just because we fill our washing machine with laundry detergent doesn’t mean the machine cleans itself! It sounds counterintuitive, but while our machine is ridding our clothes of dirt, it doesn’t get rid itself of that same dirt or a buildup of detergent residue.

Just imagine using the same toothbrush to brush your teeth for years! It’s the same with our washing machine

Not cleaning the washing machine regularly, can result in:
- Mold/ fungi (mildew) growing
- Unpleasant smell in your machine, or even on freshly washed clothes
- Skin irritation from bacteria/ dirt transfer from washing machine to clothes

We’ve tested 3 different washing machine cleaner products and Eine Baum’s version stood out the best to us! It’s formulated with safe ingredients and cleansing power was the best, and so easy to use for both top load and drum washing machines! 



Q. Can Eine Baum washing machine cleaner be used for top load too?
A. Yes, can be used for any types of washing machines.

Q. What washing machine setting should I use if Cleaning Mode is not available for my machine?
A. You may choose standard wash course, and it is recommended to also choose the highest water temperature setting.

Ingredients List
Sodium Percarbonate, Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED), Tea-tree Oil, Cinnamon Oil

Expiry Date: 3 years from manufacturing date (refer to individual packet)
Manufacturing date : Jun 2020

Made in Korea


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