L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent



420ml/refill pack

50 capsules/tub
30 capsules/refill pack

Why do I need L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent?

Do your wrists hurt from carrying heavy bottles of laundry detergent? Does your sensitive skin get irritated after wearing clothes washed with a certain brand's detergent? Or are you always unsure of how much detergent to use whenever you do your laundry (and end up using too much or too little)?

If you're any of the above, we're sure that L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent is going to be your new favourite household product!

About L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent

L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent is a 3-in-1 product (detergent + softener + fragrance) packaged individually for more convenient washing. It contains 7 types of enzymes for a stronger & upgraded wash, and is dermatologist tested. Feel the special fragrance after washing with L:MOT's soft signature scent!

Key Points:

  • 3 in 1 easy laundry (detergent + softener + fragrance)
  • 7 types of power enzymes
  • Allergen-free, no artificial additives & microbeads
  • No 10 harmful ingredients

1 capsule, 3 functions! L:MOT capsule detergent is a 6x highly concentrated all in one product that cleans & softens your laundry, and makes them smell so good too!

The L:MOT capsule detergent gives your clothes a light floral scent.


Did we mention that the capsule is 100% soluble and melts in water? It does not leave a residue after washing your laundry and the capsules are manufactured with a high quality special processing method that can withstand 20kg of pressure.

L:MOT capsule detergent contains 7 types of strong enzymes to help remove stains and protect fabric from lint formation!

  • Protease: Removes oil stains around the collar and stains around the wrist cuff
  • Amylase: Removes sauce & chocolate stains
  • Lipase: Removes stains soiled by oil & butter
  • Pectinase: Removes stains from fruits & fruit juice
  • Mannase: Removes oil & grease stains
  • Cellulase (1): Brightening
  • Cellulase (2): Prevents formation of lint

Check out Jungmin's wash test on a white linen dress stained with chilli sauce, sweet & sour sauce, and soya sauce!

Jungmin also did wash test on Jooha's seat covers! Watch how L:MOT capsule detergent brought back the seat covers' original baby pink colour!

L:MOT detergent capsule is allergen-free! It does not contain 26 allergens, microbeads & artificial additives. You'll be able to smell L:MOT's unique warm & clean scent after doing your laundry.

L:MOT capsule detergent is recommended for those who...

  • Are too lazy to measure the correct amount of detergent to use
  • Have weak wrists and often carries heavy detergents to the detergent dispenser
  • Have experienced discomfort having detergent smeared all over their hands
  • Do not have extra storage space for detergents & fabric softeners due to their large sizes
  • Worry about detergents containing harmful substances that will irritate the skin
  • Are busy and want a simple & easy laundry routine

How To Use

We recommend at least 2kg (ideally 6kg!) of laundry load for 1 capsule.

If your laundry load is less than 6kg, we recommend you to increase the water volume, or do a second rinse after washing with L:MOT capsule detergent.

If your laundry load is more than 6kg, kindly use 2 capsules.

Since L:MOT capsule detergent does not contain artificial colour pigments, the colour of capsules may darken and change from light yellow to orange over time. It is perfectly normal and you can use it without worries!


Q6. Can I use this product on activewear?

L:MOT capsule detergent is an alkalescent detergent. HQ recommends that usual yoga stretch or outdoors clothes would better not be washed with alkalescent detergents. In order to protect your activewear, washing them with a neutral detergent or detergent for wool thread would be better.

Note:   Due to the nature of 100% water-soluble films, there are areas vulnerable to environmental changes such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, please be aware of the following precautions when using the capsule.

  1. When storing the product, completely seal the pouch or container.
  2. Avoid high-temperature or humid spaces.
  3. Use capsules with dry hands only.

Substances Used:

Main Substance: Dodecyl Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether (non-ionic)

Surfactant: Polyethylene Propylene Glycol (non-ionic), Sodium Lauryl Ethersulfate (anionic), Octadecanoic Acid (anionic), Dodecanoic Acid (anionic).

Manufacturing Date: 17 May 2021 (Tub) / 9 Aug 2021 (Refill Pack)

Expiry Date: 17 May 2023 (Tub) / 9 Aug 2023 (Refill Pack)

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