The Vacation Shop Betsy Summer Smocked Blouse/Dress (2 Colours)


Only 3 pieces in stock!

The Vacation Shop is a South Korean fashion brand that offers all year round vacation wear and accessories that will help and guide you to figure out your vacation wardrobe (even when you can’t travel out of the country)!

Their experiences of visiting many different countries for holidays as well as packing for countless vacation spots throughout the years, truly got them to love and appreciate the beauty of the vacation wardrobe.

The founder believes that going on a holiday doesn't represent visiting the destination briefly only but also all about being part of the culture and feeling comfortable around the environment. As such, she truly believes that dressing can definitely be the spice that you need to make your holidays extra special!

Designed with two pastel shades, strawberry pink and apple mint, the Betsy Summer Smocked Blouse/Dress features a butterfly, loose-style top paired together with its gathered sleeves for the adults and capped sleeves for the cuties. Crafted from an opaque fabric and super soft cotton blend so that you and your cutie can dress up comfortably without worrying about the reflection.

The founder designed the top with the idea of having the sleeves to help make your arms thinner and hide any insecurities at the same time. With those key points in mind, it creates an overall soft look. 

The Betsy blouse ends with a smock design, providing it with a natural touch. The neckline is then designed with cutting, only by cutting and not sewing separately. Consisting of a pattern where the honeycomb embroidery is repeated, it's a lovely smocking pattern that has a more three-dimensional and neat feeling with two rows of honeycomb patterns! 

Not forgetting, its unique prints derived from Liberty’s Bethy Print motif. Printing, dyeing and colours are all made from hand-dyeing from domestic factories in Korea as well. With these unique print design, you don't have to worry about having the need to accessorise much! Enjoy the Betsy Summer Smocked Blouse/Dress' style and comfort through its soft fabric design and loose fit at any occasion or place - be it a picnic near the parks or cafe hopping with your friends and family!


One for mama, one for me too.
Designed for a Mother-Daughter duo, kickstart the day of your little one with a matching dress, catered for them too! How cute!

Do note that both the blouse and dress do not come with any pockets.

Colours: Available in Strawberry Pink and Apple Mint

Size: FREE size (For both adults and kids aged 4 to 7 years old)

Material: 100% Cotton

Washing method: Please place the apparel inside a laundry net bag prior to washing and not into washing machine directly.

Made in Korea.

NOTE: There may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor.


The adult model is 168cm and 48kg. The child model is 97cm and 14kg.
NOTE: The dress is suitable for kids over 97cm as well. Due to the smocked design at the front, older aged kids can wear it as a blouse too. 

Jungmin is 166cm, 53kg, UK10. Jooha is 122cm.

NOTE: The pictures were taken with an iPhone X, and there was no manipulation of the pictures (including colour adjustment) other than the size adjustments for the pictures.

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