Stripes Wonderland Dress Peppermint (Woman/ Girl/ Boy)

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I have been preparing this collection for a very long time, believing that stripes are really classic basic items for everybody! And i am really happy as I begin to see my imagination of a mother and child outfit slowly birth into reality - the process is never easy but to see the end product of what you visualise is satisfying! 

It delights me especially when I see that all my models during the photoshoot (both mama and little ones) love the design and feel comfortable in it at the same time! 

I love stripes but it can be tricky as I want to avoid looking like pyjamas. so behind the scenes has many trials and error to make it look good especially for the mama's and ladies. At the same time, we want to keep in mind of the comfort hence, this time, our material is made in cotton poly blend so it is breathable and comfy on the skin. For the shape of the dress, we decide to go for the most everyday easy to wear silhouette, similar to our tunic top but slimmer cut. The vertical stripes definitely help the ladies to look slimmer but carefree~! With gathers trimming, it definitely add some girly vibes to it! Plus, this outfit is also good for friend photoshoot too! why not? 

For our precious girls, comes with a function back button opening at the neckline, has the same basic silhouette as mama, with gathered sleeve and bottoms! Personally think this dress made the girls exceptionally sweet~ 

This collection is also made special this time as we are also coming out with our first boy design! It made my heart melt big time when I saw the boys adorned in such cute stripes shorts. Shorts comes with elastic waistband, so it is really comfortable, cuffed hem that adds more sleek and cool factors and comes with functional side pocket and back pocket for more twinning poses with mummy! Plus it is also possible for girls to wear shorts as well, with a nice stylish trimmed top!

I hope you will truly enjoy wearing it as a family, friends, twinning, tripling outfit! Just like I always want to only bring the best for you and your little one! 

*** Due to the change of season in Korea, Korean market will be closed for a week hence estimated delivery will be slightly later than usual. Hope to seek your understanding! 

Made in Korea/ Ksisters Own Design

Hand wash recommended. Light detergent recommended to maintain colour

Size Chart(cm) one side flat lay

Woman Free Size 

Chest: 58 cm Length: 83cm (Myself is 166cm 55kg in purple stripes)

Jacqueline in pink stripes is 163cm tall.

Pris in blue stripes is 155cm tall.

Naomi in mint stripes is 160cm tall.

Kids size  (Dres & Pants Same)

During the shooting, we only had size 7 sample so please compare with Kids size.

Yeonsoo is closer to size 11 (her height is 113cm/ 18kg), so when she wore blue stripes dress, it looks more like blouse (still pretty right)? When she wore purple stripes size 7 pants it looked ok on her.

Jooha in purple stripes is size 7 (heg height is 103 cm/ 14kg), it looks just nice on her.

Kayla and Keira are size 7 in pink stripes(34 months twins, 88 cm tall, and 14 kg), just nice on them. 

Matty is size 7 in blue stripes(4.5years 102 cm/ 18kg), so he just looks so good!

Tyler in mint stripes is wearing size 7 sample (He is 19kg, 120 cm, 6yo). Right size for him is 11, but he could wear this, because he is so skinny. But right size is 11.

Tyra in mint stripes is wearing size 7(she is 95cm tall, 13 kg, and 3YO), it looks just nice on her!

 cm Age Height Weight
7 3-4Y ~105cm ~17kg
11 5-6Y ~125cm ~25kg
15 7-8Y ~145cm ~35kg

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