Tunic Top Yellow (Mum/ Girl)


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A post shared by KSISTERS (@ksisters.sg) on

Kindly check all photos and videos in Instagram post above. It got 900 Likes! OMG I also got so many DMs after sharing this paddle pop collection launch news!

Our tunic top love started during my KR biz trip in 2017 July. During market research, I found tunic top original version black and white! After wearing it during whole trip, I even fell in love with it more! I found this easy breezy tunic is really care free basic item(so strong against wrinkle and dry so fast!) for trip and daily life. And the flattering cutting is just mega love!

For white and black colour we have restocked 5 times till now, but still the demand is going strong thanks to really positive word of mouth in Instagram/Facebook community. I have seen many friends buy together and share! And many customers buy several times for their mum and sisters after trying and liking it so much. That is why I came up with this paddle pop collection idea.

Since I have seen many friends are twinning in our tunic top white and black, why don't I bring more colour choices! When I got fabric samples, I had a really hard time to choose because all colours were so beautiful. 

Another beauty of this dress is that It can work for all body figures like petite lady, tall lady, slim lady, and big size lady too(we have many pregnant mama photo reviews). This magic works because its flattering cutting and frills just nicely cover up your body, so it makes you look slim regardless of what size you are.

Since it is short, you have to wear short pants inside. 

Made in Korea/ Cold water hand wash recommended

Size : One Side Flat Lay

Woman Free size

Chest 56 cm Shoulder 37cm Length 76.5 cm

Girl Size

3-4YO/ 5-6YO/ 7-8YO

For 2YO, you can wear size 3-4YO (as a big dress now and can grow into), Arissa in light pink is 81 cm tall(21 months old) and was big for her, but still enjoyed it a lot while twinning with mama.

Chek Out other girls size too!

  • Bianca in Serenity blue (94cm 40months) wearing 3-4YO size
  • Sienna in Hot Pink (95cm 36months) wearing 3-4YO size
  • Coco in Yellow ( 98cm 46months) wearing 3-4YO size
  • Jooha in Teal Mint (102cm 47 months) wearing 3-4YO size

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