L:MOT Dish Cloth Set

$26.60 $28

8 - 11 JUL

12 - 23 JUL


4 pieces/set

Always had to hide your kitchen rags and dish cloths whenever you had guests over? Now, you can forget about that and even display these aesthetic, useful dish cloths that clean, dry and can even be used as decorative pieces in your kitchen!

About L:MOT Dish Cloth Set

L:MOT Dish Cloth Set, a set of 4 reusable and durable kitchen cloths made in aesthetic, cute designs! A superb multi-functional set that be used to clean, dry, hold hot kitchenware, this set would definitely make any cleaning and cooking process a much easier one! Not only is it highly absorbent, it is also prided for its biodegradability and certification of eco-friendliness, making this a great, green replacement to your usual rags and kitchen towels. 

Spruce up your kitchen with these 4 cutely designed kitchen cloths, namely 01 Sky, 02 Fruit, 03 Flower and 04 Love.

While its aesthetics are of decorative standards, it does not lose out on functionality as well! Here are the key points of the dish cloths:Do your part for the environment while keeping your home clean efficiently!

  • Eco-friendly material - Made with 100% biodegradable plant fibre Cellulose, this means these dish cloths break down naturally, leaving no pollution and causing zero harm to the environment
  • Hygienic - Made with 99.9% antibacterial and fast-drying properties, you need not worry about the build up of bacteria, which means no contamination of your kitchenware and utensils when you dry them
  • High absorbency - Porous, making it easy to absorb and clean up any residue or spillage efficiently
  • Excellent durability - Can be sterilised with hot water or wringed without losing shape or sturdiness

It has also gone through clinical, antibacterial testings and has been certified as 99.9% antibacterial and safe to use.Made of German Cellulose fabric, it also has been certified for its eco-friendliness of being produced ethically from eco-friendly forests.Look at how it breaks down naturally without causing harm to the environment! It fully decomposes after 24 weeks of disposing it, reducing waste accumulation and decreasing carbon footprint.

Here are some ways you could use this multi-functional Dish Cloth Set!

  • Wiping and washing fruits
  • Drying kitchenware, utensils quickly
  • Removing kitchen grime
  • Cleaning up spillage and left over residues efficiently
  • Heat resistant wrap to hold hot kitchenware
  • Coasters for beverage cups
  • Decorative interior
  • Decorative plating


Q1. How many times can these dish cloths be reused for?

A1. Just like regular dish cloths, it can be used hygienically for about 3 months. With 3 months of usage, the colours on the dish cloths may fade due to the natural material of the fabric, but it is still usable even after the colour fades. However, since the number of uses and usage methods may differ by individual, the longevity of this product may vary.

Substances used: 70% Cellulose, 30% Cotton Fibres

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