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As a mom, I always want the best for my girls, but choosing the right skincare for my girls can sometimes be difficult. What is really safe? Can they prevent or subside rashes and other skin issues? What are the ingredients we can trust? So many concerns came to my attention when curating baby and kids skincare. I also received so many DMs from #ksistersfam on when we are bringing baby and kids skincare and sorry it took so long to bring in! It was hard to find the RIGHT ONE~I sampled quite a few brands since Yeonsoo & Jooha were younger but never really found a brand that I was satisfied with. Until recently, I saw that many mommies on Momsholic (a popular KR forum for mommies to share reviews & recommendations) were recommending 2 brands - one of which is Botanical Therapy. Since Yeonsoo and Jooha are older now, our new mom, Stephanie from #teamksisters who just had a newborn tested and reviewed these baby skincare brands on which was most effective. Our criteria were the main concerns many parents have:


  • No harsh chemicals - Safe ingredients!
  • No-tear formula
  • No fragrances - While added fragrances may smell nice, some might cause sensitive skin to get overly dry and irritated
  • Easy to bubble up and wash off baby's scalp 
  • No tacky feeling after washing off
  • Suitable for Sensitive & Eczema Skin

    After sampling, not only did Botanical Therapy meet all the above criteria and more importantly, they had individual products dedicated to scalp and bodycare. Why important? Baby’s scalp and body have different skin characteristics such as skin acidity (pH). Even though 2-in-1 baby washes are convenient, their cleansing power can be relatively weaker for scalp cleansing = it does not thoroughly remove dirt commonly found on the scalp. Babies who do not have clean hair can be prone to cradle cap, where the skin on the hair is flaky and scaly.

    We also really like Botanical Therapy because it is a brainchild of a company that specialises in baby skincare, not adult skincare! So when we reviewed their lineup and formulas, we knew the brand has a deep understanding about baby skin and its behaviour. Plus, Botanical Therapy also brings in products such as kids conditioner as well as individual shampoo and body wash (instead of your usual 2-in-1!), which are not commonly found in other brands and are so rare!


    They are known for creating baby skincare with lasting results by identifying internal and external factors that cause skin irritation. They believe in treating delicate, sensitive skin by strengthening skin's barrier so that it is better able to protect and defend itself against any future aggressors that cause irritation or sensitivity overtime. They adopt a unique Herbal Therapy Complex to preserve and formulate the medical characteristics of each plant to restore the health of baby and kid’s skin.

    1. No Dyes or Fragrances 
    2. Natural Ingredients - NO harsh chemicals! Safe and natural ingredients such as Calendula, Hibiscus Flower extract and Witch Hazel to cleanse, moisturise and protect baby’s skin.
    3. Eczema-Friendly Thanks to a blend of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing ingredients, the products are ideal for babies with sensitive skin. 
    4. No-tear Formula 
    5. Individual Baby Shampoo & Body Wash - for more effective scalp cleansing
    6. Director Pi Gold Award for Infant Category - Director Pi is a famous Korean Youtuber and previous host for Get It Beauty & After School Beauty Bible. Her Youtube reviews are highly-regarded by Korean ladies~

    Inadequate cleansing of dirt and sebum may result in inflammation and flaking of scalp keratin. Botanical Baby Shampoo features:

    • Hibiscus Flower Extract - Exfoliates dry skin and cradle cap
    • Calendula and Witch Hazel Extracts - Soothe and ensure baby hair feels soft without any tangles.
    • Hydrogen Water - Not just any water! Recalibrate the scalp's pH for it to work optimally for stronger, healthier skin.
    • Shampoo 6.5 pH balance - Thoroughly cleanses while remaining gentle on scalp and hair.
    • Microbubbles Lather - No chemical detergents = No rich bubbles. Instead, dense microbubbles gently remove dirt & impurities.

    Botanical Therapy's brand manager also added, “Even if the scalp of a newborn baby is not severe, it is good to use a dedicated shampoo from the time when the hair falls out and new hair grows. In particular, children who sweat a lot can use separating body wash and shampoo to help prevent seborrheic scalpitis.”


    Botanical Therapy believes in 2 key steps to maintain and ensure smooth, supple and soft skin. To do so, they developed Cleansing and Moisture Therapy line to help achieve healthier skin and scalp.

    Consumer Testers Review

    Tips On Using The Botanical Therapy Cleansing Therapy Pure Baby Shampoo 

    Instructions for Storage: 

    Store in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

    Usage Precautions:

    1. If there is any abnormality or reaction in the area of use such as spots, swelling or itching due to direct sunlight when or after usage, consult a specialist.
    2. Avoid areas with wounds.
    3. Keep them out of daily reach of children.
    4. Store away from direct sunlight.
    5. Wash immediately if it gets into the eye.


    Q1: Are all ingredients safe?

    A1: Yes all Botanical Therapy products do not use any harsh chemicals, only natural ingredients safe and gentle enough for newborn babies.

    Q2: What does the shampoo smell like?

    A2: Unscented, and thus suitable for newborn babies

    Q3: The shampoo pump releases out too much shampoo, what can I do to reduce the amount of product pumped out?

    A3: You may tie a rubber band to the bottom neck of the pump to restrict amount of shampoo released.

    Q4: What is the suitable age range to use?

    A4: Ages 0-3, older kids experiencing sensitive skin may use the baby skincare range as well.

    Q5: Suitable for which skin types?

    A5: All skin types, including eczema skin.Expiry Date: 17 Jan 2024

    Made in Korea.


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