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We want chic twinning! Easy to find cute twinning, but not easy for chic or feminine one. With Ksisters Pleats Please Dress, you and your daughter will be a super star. Trendy Pleats met perfect cobalt blue. Reaction toward this dress was phenomenal! 1st batch of mum stocks were sold-out in 1 day.

Because I have Ksisters, we are even trio-ing! We got so many compliments even from strangers!

I also like it, because mum version has wide-fit half sleeve, so that I can still hide my thick arm and armpit.

Love the white pleats at the end! This one gives you the right balance of the total look. Girl version has 1 blue and 1 white pleats layer. 

Mum version has 1 blue and 2 whites pleats layer for more balance, so you look slim an tall in this dress. Trust me. There is a reason why it was sold-out in just 1 day.

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