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I am so grateful to present #ksistersXtheloveco collection to you finally. This photoshoot giveaway was a big hit among IG/ Facebook mum community thanks to theloveco studio's amazing work. Beautiful Jenny and Esther have been chosen as winners! 

Jenny's family

This comfortable elastic waist band dungaree is denim fabric. Perfect for outdoor activity. More delightfully you can twin with both of your daughter and son! Just like Jenny's family! According to Jenny, the fabric was thin and comfy (and soft), so she felt really ok during the entire shooting! (It was one of those sunny days!)

Check out matching girl size here : Link

I found the waist band is quite elastic, so it felt very comfortable too! 

*I Love Jesus is ILJ's full name. They put this water mark to protect their copy right. Ksisters is ILJ's certified seller with official license contract.

Made in Korea/ Brand - ILJ

Hand wash recommended/ In washing machine case, inside out washing in cold water

Size : Woman Free Size (Waist is 27cm one side flat lay, but after stretching it is around 47cm.)

Jenny is 158cm.

Emma wears size 7 for this dress( 14kg/  95cm tall),

Ethan wears size 5 for this dress ( 10kg/ 90cm tall)

 cm Age Height Weight
5 2-3Y ~95cm ~14kg
7 3-4Y ~105cm ~17kg
9 4-5Y ~115cm ~20kg
11 5-6Y ~125cm ~25kg
13 6-7Y ~135cm ~30kg

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