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If you liked our best seller Nana dress, you should get this floral dress too! The cutting is the same with Nana dress. I heard so many compliments about how the cutting of nana dress makes our ladies look magically beautiful regardless of their size (no matter if you are slim, petite, big, or even tall)!

I think one big reason is that the bold pattern really stands out first. And it has comfy loose fit, which also just nicely cover your "don't wanna show part", but not so loosely!

Its lovely flare at the bottom and the beautiful ruffle at the sleeve were also so loved! That is why ILJ came up with different pattern, but same cutting dress! And this time it is linen! How perfect it is for hot summer weather here!

This dress is a bit short, so I matched with white denim pants ( I am 166 cm tall, and I felt a bit too short for me.) So it is perfect for petite size mum! Tall mums, don't be disappointed! You can match with any type of shorts just like me! STRONGLY RECOMMEND to buy 1 size up for girl, size it is quite short!  

*I Love Jesus is ILJ's full name. They put this water mark to protect their copy right. Ksisters is ILJ's certified seller with official license contract.

Made in Korea/ Brand - ILJ

Hand wash recommended/ In washing machine case, inside out washing in cold water


Mum : Free Size (Chest: 57cm / Length : 83cm)

Yeonsoo wears size 9 for this dress(17 kg/ 105 cm tall), which is 1 size up than usual.

Jooha wears size 7 for this dress (13 kg/ 95cm tall), which is 1 size up than usual.

 cm Age Height Weight
5 2-3Y ~95cm ~14kg
7 3-4Y ~105cm ~17kg
9 4-5Y ~115cm ~20kg
11 5-6Y ~125cm ~25kg
13 6-7Y ~135cm ~30kg

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