Loopy Overall Pink Skirt [Woman/ Girl]


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Thanks to overall denim dress's big success, Lebonbon introduced pink version for this 2018 Spring! As an official pink mania, I had to bring this to SG!

I know many mamas love overall dress, but have you seen this kind of feminine and dressy style? It is my first time and I totally love it. Don't miss this stylish overall dress. You will love it too!

Check out twinning denim overall dress : Link

Check out matching striped T-shirt : Link ( I wore black striped t-shirt and Yeonsoo wore pink version)

Made in Korea/ Brand : Lebonbon (Ksisters is an exclusive distributor in SG)

Hand wash recommended.

Size Chart(cm) one side flat lay

Woman Free Size

waist is a elastic band. Before stretch is 33cm 44cm (after stretching)

Length is 103cm (body part only, but since it is overall you can adjust the length)

Kids Free Size

Yeonsoo is wearing size M. (107cm 18kg)

Jooha is wearing size S. (100cm 14kg)

Bella (with pink striped T-shirt) is wearing L (118cm 19kg) 

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