Pamper yourself and curate a Ksisters skincare regimen with our Beauty Advisor, in the comfort of your own home.

Join our Beauty Advisor in this 30 minute session and we will customise a skincare regimen for you.
After the session, simply fill out the feedback form (link will be sent to your email inbox) and we will send you a special code for 10% off towards your next Ksisters purchase.

P.S. Make a purchase with the special code issued and receive a personalised trial kit.

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*The session will be recorded for studies purposes only.
Consultation is available Monday - Friday 10AM - 5.30PM (Last session begins at 5PM)
Slots will be opened on 25th of every month. 



Annyeong 안녕 Ksisters Fam!

My name is Ke Chia and I am your Beauty Advisor behind the Virtual Beauty Consultation. 
I've been in the Beauty Industry for 7years now and personally, I’ve always been very curious about the different beauty products out there.
I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with others too! 

Jungmin has brought me on board as we share the same vision:
To be here for all of you when you need help and advise.
We hope that with this service, we can listen and advise each and everyone of you personally, at your own pace.


Christline Ng:
I like that the consultant listened to every of my concern and was able to address them. She also highlighted other areas of concern which I didn’t think much about it at all. The session wasn’t too awkward as well though is done via zoom.

June Chng:
Great session! Ke Chia is friendly and knowledgeable. Liked that she could help clarify my queries on the products that she recommended/i had wanted to try. Thanks Ksisters team!

Valerie Chua:
Very informative

Amanda L:
Yes. It did meet my expectations as I wanted to know which line is better to address my concerns more effectively as compared to purchasing so many different series to address different concerns. 😊 

Fiona Png:
My toddler joined in the consultation and waved, Ke Chia was really friendly towards him. She listened to what I’m looking for and gave valuable advices as my skin is quite sensitive. Enjoyed the session and thank you. :) 

Wendy Fun:
Short and sweet. Made clear recommendations for my skin problems 

Alethea Tan:
It is great virtual insightful session with additional beauty tips on the ksisters products that I’m currently having to further use it differently in my various routine steps.

Victoria Brown:
Yes, it did and more as Ke Chia was able to prompt me so I could remember issues I have with my skin and she had really good suggestions and advice. She was not judgemental about my skin or regimen and was friendly and engaging. She understood too that our skincare routine is a very individual choice.I enjoyed it and felt it enhanced my experience and understanding of products from Ksisters. 

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