About Bonasua and Aura Collagen Original 10000 

Aura Original 10000 is a low molecule liquid collagen and contains a high amount of amino acids. It is a marine collagen extracted from the scales of Fish and is also an upgraded formula! 

We were very impressed with Bonasua's Cold Pressed (hydrolysis) extraction method that is unique to them, allowing them to produce HIGH QUALITY collagen drink.

It is almost impossible to extract pure collagen (which is weak against heat) at a low temperature. But Bonasua did not settle and managed to find a way to do it! Instead of using powdered collagen, Bonasua was able to use 'real' liquid collagen that is extracted at a low temperature and rich in amino acids.

The optimal recipe is created through years of research with the best raw materials and expertise in collagen. With Cold Pressed Extraction method, the purest form of collagen (without impurities and addictives) can be extracted, making the collagen drink highly concentrated and potent with stronger efficacy.  

It is important for Collagen to be absorbed rapidly. Liquid form takes only about 1-4 minutes to be broken down, allowing 85%-90% of the nutrients in the liquid supplement to be absorbed while it takes about 20-30 minutes for powder/pills and only 39-53% are absorbed.

Contains 47.02% of GPH (Glycerin, Proline, Hydroxiproline) which is key amino acids involved in collagen synthesis in the body. ⁠



How to consume? 

- Use the bottle opener to open the bottle.
- Take one bottle at a time, consume every alternate days (for age 20s-30s) or every day (for age 40s and above).
- Recommended to take in the night before sleep.


The bottle of Aura Original 10000 is thoughtfully designed to ensure that the product you consume remains fresh and carries the maximum effectiveness.  

1. Tinted glass bottle 

- Glass material allows for post sterilisation as fish collagen is sensitive against germs and microorganism. Due to the nature of plastic, it cannot be post sterilised while it is possible to sterlize glass bottle making it safer against germ infection. The tinted material with UV protection properties allow the content in the bottle to remain fresh.

2. Air tight lid

- The double sealing on cap ensures that the liquid collagen(which can be easily spoiled from air exposure) is protected to enjoy the maximum goodness of the collagen drink. That's why you need a bottle opener!

Watch the video below with sound on to hear the "bbong" sound due to the air-tight packaging! Just like opening a champagne~ 

Safe Product

Bonasua Aura Original 10000 has been inspected for heavy metals and has passed the inspections to ensure that the product you consume is safe for consumption.