Watch how the shade transform and blend in seamlessly with her skin tone here!

Shade Guide:

Is your skin warm or cool undertone? 

Test 1: Vein test by checking your vein colour on your arm 

If your veins appear to be
Green colour - 

Warm undertone  

Blue colour - Cool Undertone

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Test 2: Go into natural light such as under sunlight and check the colour of your bare skin.

If you see yellowish hue in your skin then you're warm tone. 

If you see pinkish hue in your skin then you're cool tone. 

If there is no obvious pink or yellow tone then you have neutral undertone.

All the shades that start off with "warm" are suitable for those with yellow or warm undertone (i.e warm light, warm medium light).

Comparison to Lavien and BY ECOM

Light - Shade 21

Warm Light - Warm tone shade 23

Medium Light - Neutral tone shade 23

Darker skin tone reference above: Model's usual shade is Medium 

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How to use 

- Apply a pea-sized amount of CCC Cream to cleansed & prepped skin.

- Using your fingertips, blend from the center of your face outward (*the warmth from your fingers will help bring the pigment out)

- Continue to blend with your fingertips until the capsules release their pigment and the color adjusts to your skin tone. If extra coverage is preferred, build upon the color by adding another pea-sized amount of CCC Cream to skin after the first layer has set in.


Can be worn as a lightweight foundation or as a makeup base.

How to achieve 3 types of finish: 

For a flawless, doll-like complexion that combats shine, apply product directly to skin and work into the skin with your favourite buffing brush. Top off with a powder and/or matte setting spray for a beautiful soft-focus skin effect.

For a true skin-like satin finish, apply with fingers and massage gently into skin. If you want a more sheer coverage along with the skin-like look, mix in a drop of your favourite skincare oil before applying!

Note: This finish lends itself beautifully to both additional glow and additional oil control—top off with a highlighter for areas that you want an enhanced gleam to the skin, or blot with powder for areas that you want to keep a little more matte for the day.

Glass skin:
For a bouncy glow that’ll leave your skin flooded with moisture, apply the product to your face with your fingers, but make sure to blend it out with a damp complexion sponge—moisture is key here! This results in a long-lasting dewy finish that comes from true hydration and not just reflective/pearly pigments slathered on top of the skin. Spray with a hydrating facial toner and set—that’s it! You glow, girl. Not enough dew for you? Add in a highlighter and shine brighter than a star!