Korean Lifestyle: Cosmic Mansion Fragrance Linen Sachets launching on 12 May 2022, Thursday at 12pm!

We're bringing you the up and coming Korean lifestyle brand by Cosmic Mansion.

Cosmic Mansion Fragrance Linen Sachet (3 types) is a pouch-type linen sachet that immediately changes the scent of a space. Made by coating the gemstone potpourri with undiluted oil, this contributes to a strong and long lasting scent. Available in 3 scents — Girl with Rose (Pink), Another Morning (White) as well as Linen & Musk (Beige).

No.04 Girl with Rose (Pink): Astringent, yet refreshing sweetness of grapefruit is blended with natural and raw Bulgarian rose for a wild appeal. Named 'Girl with Rose', this fragrance is unabashedly feminine, but it also leaves a strong impression from the mash of torn down rose petals and broken grapefruit. 

  • Top note: Bulgarian rose
  • Middle note: Grapefruit
  • Base note: Amber

No.09 Another Morning (White): Sets the mood for a lively, vibrant and optimistic beginning. This clean and delicate fragrance composed of crisp florals approaches you charmingly. A grassy, green floral scent is blended with fresh freesia and tulip scent to energise another romantic morning.

  • Top note: Ghubarb, Freesia
  • Middle note: Jasmin, Tulip
  • Base note: Vetiver, Cedar Wood

No.11 Linen & Musk (Beige): A relaxing and comforting fragrance. The powdery scent of sun-dried clean linen and blooming muguet flowers is topped with fresh Spanish sage and bergamot. The creamy blend with a baes of white musk and cedar gives iff a subtle yet long lasting sensation. 

  • Top note: Spanish Sage, Bergamot
  • Middle note: Sun-dried linen, Muguet
  • Base note: White musk, Cesar

Size: 8 x 14cm, String: 20cm


  1. Keep out of reach of pets and children
  2. Avoid prolonged skin contact
  3. Do not use for other than the intended purpose.
  4. Keep away from heat and sunlight.
  5. Keep away from furniture, leather products, cloth, plastic, acrylic, painted products, it may stain and cause colour loss.
  6. If it goes into your eyes, please wash it off immediately. If there is any further discomforts, please consult a doctor immediately.


  • Place it in various places such as a car, on a desk, or in a closet, and then put it in a travel bag when the scent fades after about 2 months. (The scent will not fade unless you remove the vinyl from the sachet)
  • Place it in the toilet, cupboard or drawer of your home.