NEW K-lifestyle product: Granology (3 flavours) launching on 10 March, Thursday at 12pm!

  • Recommended for: Individuals looking for granola that is rich in dietary fibre, high protein, preservative-free, colourant-free, trans-fat-free!
  • Nutritional Notes: Halal certified, NOT vegetarian, vegan or keto-friendly
  • Volume: 150g

Raved by Korean customers nationwide and featured in the highly rated Korean hit drama “The Penthouse”, Korea’s No.1 Premium Granola Brand: Granology is finally HERE with their top 3 best-seller flavours: Signature, Cacaology and Berry Bang Theory!

🥇 Awarded Korea Brand Evaluation First Place in 2021, Granology features 100% plant-based, handmade granola made with the finest ingredients. Now you can enjoy crunchy and fresh granola as if freshly baked anywhere, anytime.

  • Signature: Made with Granology’s Signature recipe that balances taste and health at the same time, it combines the main ingredients which are healthy — grain oats, nuts, dried fruits and maple syrup.
  • Cacaology: The rich flavour of cacao powder, coconut chunks, and almond flakes combine to give you a luxurious and special dark chocolate taste.
  • Berry Bang Theory: Made with dried berries and 100% hibiscus powder, this recipe is popular among women for its sweet and sour taste.


You can enjoy the granola as it is or add your preferred choice of beverage — milk, oat milk, almond milk and more. Try out the below recipes to make your granola taste even better!

After opening, keep it sealed in a dry and cool place and eat as soon as possible. Due to the nature of whole grains, you may smell the oat scent and oat shells may come out as well.


1. When can I consume this?
You can take it at any time of the day! There is no fixed intake time!

2. Is there a suitable age for consumption of this product?
All ages can consume this product is good for all ages. However, people with weaker teeth should be more cautious when biting. We would also recommend you to check the ingredient list and with a doctor whenever necessary before purchase and consumption.

3. Can ladies who are pregnant, breastfeeding or experiencing pre-conception consume this?
Since it is a sensitive period, please kindly check with your doctor before purchasing or consumption.

4. Is this product keto-friendly?
This product is good for diet but is not keto-friendly due to its low fat and high carbohydrate content.

5. Can vegetarians or vegans consume this product?
The main ingredients of this product is based on vegetable ingredients. However, there is no official vegan certification for it so we recommend you to check the ingredient list and with a doctor whenever necessary before purchase and consumption.

6. Can individuals with diabetes consume this product?
This product contains sugar, so we do NOT recommend individuals with diabetes to consume this. Please kindly check with your doctor whenever necessary before purchase and consumption.

7. Will the cholesterol level of individuals increase after consuming this product?
The cholesterol intake for each flavour is 0mg. However, it is difficult to verify exactly if the cholesterol levels will increase. It is recommended for individuals to check the ingredient list or with a doctor before purchasing or consumption.