Launching on 20 MAY, Thursday, 12pm

Lavien Perfect Pore Program

Do you feel like

  • You have oily, bumpy skin and large pores?
  • Having the habit of squeezing them by hands without proper cleansing?
  • Your pores stand out more after applying foundation and BB cream?


Launching soon — Lavien Perfect Pore Program. This 2-Steps Lavien Pore Care Special Program is designed to systematically help reduce waste, improves and tightens your pore! One box consist of 5 pads each for Step 1 & Step 2 which can last you for a month!


💙  Step 1 - Skin Clearing Pad: pore cleansing, removes dirt, oil & dead skin cells from deep within pores.

💙  Step 2 - Pore Tightening Pad: Pore tightening + Rehydration. Tighten pores & replenish skin's moisture + reduces pore size

Depending on your skin condition, we recommend you to use it every 2-3 days!

What is so special about this perfect pore program?

One of the main ingredient used is Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract (commonly known as Blue Agave or Tequila Agave). The agave nectar helps in revitalising your skin due to its quick absorption and makes your skin appears younger and less oily. For people who have acne-prone skin, it also helps in controlling acne as well as reducing skin inflammation too 🤩 !

20 men & women between ages of 20 & 50 were tested for this program!