Launching only at Hello Summer Popup @ Market Blue Tanglin Mall on 20 April, Thursday!

ย ๐Ÿ“… 20 April - 3 May
๐Ÿ•™ 10am - 9pm daily
๐Ÿ“ Market Blue @ Tanglin Mall


With Chiffon Mousse Lip Colour, you can get the perfect smudged-lips look with long lasting wear in 5 alluring K-shades.

New Mousse Texture -ย The soft mousse texture adheres to the lips without clumping, with the edges smudging naturally, creating three-dimensional lips.

Light like Chiffon -ย Just like a thin and transparent chiffon fabric, it feels light and comfortable on the lips.ย 

Versatile Shades -ย Because the whiteness and the fluorescent-ness have been minimised, it looks good on anyone regardless of their skin tone.ย 

Long lasting wear -ย The light texture adheres to the lips, and has a fixing and lasting power that does not disappear even when you drink coffee or water.

EWG Green graded ingredients -ย EWG (Environmental Working Group) ingredients like sunflower seed oil & avocado oil keep lips soft & hydrated

ย Point Edge Shape -ย For precise applicationย 


Q1: Is it drying? Will it feel dry some time after application/exposed to air? Do I need to apply lip balm first?

A1: The formula does not feel dry after application and exposure. It is not necessary to apply lip balm. However for consumers with dry lips, it is recommended to apply lip balm first.


Q2: Is it suitable for all ages and is it child-friendly?

A2: It is suitable for teenagers and above (not recommended to children).


Q3: Is it suitable for pregnant/breastfeeding ladies?

A3: Yes it is.ย 


Q4:ย Is it easily removable using a water based makeup remover? Or oil cleanser is recommended?

A4:ย An oil cleanser is recommended for removal


Q5:ย What is the finish?

A5:ย It has a vivid matte finishย 


Q6:ย Is it vegan?

A6: It is not veganย 


Q6:ย Is it scented?

A6:ย There is no scent for this lip product