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Introducing our NEWLY LAUNCHED FOOD: Tteokbokki & Corn Dog!

This time, we're thrilled to introduce not only ONE but TWO NEW food items to our #ksistersfam! Just like every other new launches, several rounds of testing or in this case, tasting have been carried out within our team! 

 Miro Restaurant Soup Tteokbokki 

Miro Restaurant or Miro Sikdang (미로식당) is a small pub-like Korean restaurant located near Hongik University. Though located near to Hongdae (known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainment), it is located in a quiet alley, far from the food alley packed with lots of popular pubs; it's also run only by reservations. 

Simple yet delicious homestyle Korean dishes such as bulgogi, their popular spicy whelk salad with Spam, and more are whipped up here and they're best paired with drinks! It's also a top secret that their Tteokbokki can only be tasted by regular customers too (the secret is out now)!

Miro Restaurant created their own version of tteokbokki (in Novemeber 2019) by considering the pain points of sweetness level some individuals struggled with. A convenient, fuss-free kit that consists of chewy wheat rice cake (we're in love with their texture!), secret sauce, and light fish cake!
Having left-over sauces? We'll recommend you to add in some rice to enjoy the remaining seasoning~

Did we mention: Miro Restaurant Soup Tteokbokki also has a monthly average sales of approximately 69,000 packs in Korea!

After the  launch of its tteokbokki as a ready made dish, it became an amazingly popular product; all credits to its great taste! No marketing was done~


Rice Cake: Wheat flour (Wheat: Australia, USA), Refined Salt (Korea), Edible Oil, Alkali agents for noodles (Sodium Carbonate), Potassium Carbonate

Sauce: Red Pepper Paste (Starch Syrup, Wheat Flour [Wheat: Australia, USA]), Red Pepper Sauce (China), Wheat Corn, Red Pepper, Sweet Salt (Salt, Refined Salt [Korea]), Sauce (Bean Fermentation Sauce [Soybean: Imported], Fermenting Liquor, Vegetable Sauce (Onion [Korea], Radish [Korea], Bay Salt, Fermenting Liquid), Sugar Processing Product (Raw [Crude] Sugar, Oligosaccharide), Smix Base (Brewed Soy Sauce, Corn Oil, Beef flavour Seasoning, Yeast Extract, Brewed Soy Sauce Powder, Oleoresin Paprika), L-Glutamate, Red Pepper Powder 

Fish Cake: Surimi ([USA, Vietnam, China], Surimi Fillet, Sugar, D-Sorbitol, Acidity Control Product [Sodium Polyphosphate]), Wheat Flour (Wheat: USA, Australia) , Surimi Fillet (Korea), Refined Salt, Soybean Oil, Carrot, Green Onion, Kelp Extract, Sauce1 (Tuna Concentrate, Glyopexis, Purified Water, Maltodextrin, Refined Salt, L Glutamate, Pollack Extract, Kelp Extract, Caramel Pigment, 5' Ribonucleotide Natrium, Xanthan Gum,  Guar Gum, Grapefruit Seed Extract), Sugar, Isolated Soybean Protein, Sauce2 (Refined Rice Wine, White Sugar, Purified Water, Starch Syrup, Glyopexis, Acid Hydrolysed Soy Sauce, Purified Salt, Kelp Extraction Powder, Citric Acid), D-xylose, Sodium Polyphosphate, Glycine, Enzymatically Modified Stevia, Glucosyl Stevia, Disodium 5-Ribonucleotides

Note: This product has been produced in a facility that also uses egg, shrimp, crap, squid, tomato, pork, chicken, peanut, walnut, mackerel, acide sulfureux. * Allergy-causing substances: soybean, wheat, beef, milk, shellfish (oyster).

     Double Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog 

    If you're an avid lover of cheese, your experience with our Double Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog will definitely leave you more than satisfied! Generously filled with 33% Mozzarella Cheese, that explains its chewiness and how it certainly lives up to its name~

    We are loving how the sweetness of the corn batter complements the savoury, chewy Mozzarella Cheese! Its crispy exterior and soft interior provides a pleasant medley of textures, which is sure to satisfy your Korean street snacks craving!

    While corndogs are great to be eaten just as they are, if you're a fan of spicing up your food, we'll recommend you to dip or drizzle them with some chilli, mustard sauce or any sauce of your preference!


    Hotdog Mix: Wheat Flour (Wheat: Australia, USA, Canada), White Sugar, Mixed Formulation (Modified Tapioca Starch, Flour), Leavening Agent (Gluconolacctone, Sodium Bicarbonate), Refined Salt [Korea]), Mozzarella String Cheese (Mozzarella Cheese [Australia, USA, Germany, etc.], Modified Starch, Refined Salt [Korea], Acidity Regulator [Sodium Citrate, Sodium Polyphosphate, Sodium Phosphate])

    Bread Crumb: Wheat Flour ([Wheat: USA, Australia], Fine Salt [Australia, Korea], Soybean Flour, Mixed Formulation [Yeast, Sorbitan Monoester Alkoxylate, Vitamin C, Corn Starch, Calcium Sulfate, Ammonium Sulfate, L-Cystine, Alpha-Amylase]), Vegetable Oil (Soybean, D-Tocopherol), Glair, Sugar

    Note: This product has been produced in a facility that also uses buckwheat, peanut, mackerel, crab, shrimp, peach, tomato, walnut, chicken, pork, beef, squid, shellfish (including oyster, abalone mussel), pine nut, sulphurous acid.
    * Allergy-causing substances: soybean, wheat, egg, milk.

     * Kindly note that both products are NOT halal certified, vegetarian friendly, vegan friendly or keto friendly. 

     Price Chart 

    1. Tteokbokki: Usual Selling Price - $13.50

    Quantity Discount Promo Price 
    3 Packs 10% Discount $36.45
    5 Packs  20% Discount $54

    2. Corn Dog: Usual Selling Price - $13.50

    (1 Pack = 5 Corn Dogs)

    Quantity Discount Promo Price 
    3 Packs  5% Discount $38.48
    5 Packs  15% Discount


    Food Quantity
    Promo Price 
    Tteokbokki 1 carton (30 packs)
    30% Discount
    Corn Dog
    1 carton (16 packs)
    25% Discount

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    Q1. Is there a suitable age for consumption of both products? 

    There is no recommended age range for consumption. It is suitable for consumption as long as the individual is able to chew and swallow the food accordingly.

    Q2. Can pregnant or breastfeeding ladies consume both products?

    This product is suitable for both pregnant and breastfeeding ladies’ consumption. However, since it is a sensitive period, we recommend you to check the ingredients list and consult your doctor or gynaecologist before purchase or consumption.

    Q3. Can individuals with diabetes consume both products?

    As there are different types and stages for diabetes, we recommend you to check the nutrition chart as well as ingredients list and consult your doctor before purchase or consumption.

    Q4. Do both products contain gelatin?

    Both products do not contain gelatin.

    Keep your eyes peeled on this space! Tteokbokki & Corn Dog are coming your way on Thursday, 4th March at 12pm! 😋😋