Gongmi was very well loved during our Pop Up Event @ Takashimaya!


Gongmi business started in 2015, and quickly became the very famous “The Water Retention Tea, which started all water retention tea boom” and “Constipation Enzyme powder” in Korea!

It was nicknamed as “news anchor beauty secret” and “pregnant mama tea” known as best water retention tea after delivery. So in Korean confinement centers (yes we don’t do confinement at home, we go to this center for 2-3 weeks), many new born baby mamas did group purchase Gongmi set to eliminate water retention! It is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding! I know many ladies have constipation during pregnancy, then consider Gongmi Enzyme as a safe choice! 

Gongmi tea is for Water Retention! Gongmi enzyme is for Constipation. Both products are made differently, but starting from same principle! How to detox our body in a healthy way?

Why do we (ladies) feel heavy, bloated, and tired all the time?

The main reason for these symptoms is the circulatory disturbance from our unbalanced body. 

Why circulation problem is happening to women?
The basal metabolism of female decreases more dramatically with aging than male's so the the female body doesn't use up the energy rather accumulate inside the body So for better circulation and balance in the body it is very important to detox and cleanse.

How can we detox our body?
In Korean Oriental Medicine, we believe the best circulation of our body comes from maintaining cool chest, well circulated stomach, and warm lower abdomen. Dong Yi Bao Jian said Bamboo leafs, Atractylodes lancea, and Cinnamon will help to warm your lower body and better circulation, so it will help you feel more energetic and vital as a result.