IWLT Rice Oil Foam Cleanser (30ml)

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • For day/night use


  • Rice Bran Extract: opens pore and discharges waste from your body, prevents skin aging, and maintains your skin's moisture level with a natural glow. Vitamins and amino acids from Rice Ferment Filtrate nourish the skin and help to restore pH balance.
  • Riboflavin from Rice Extract: prevents skin trouble and help to enhance soft and supple skin. 
  • Rice Bran Oil: skin looks luminous with natural glow after washing.
  • Mari Anti Toxin: purifies your skin with Alginic Acid, which absorbs heavy metal impurities very well. It enhances skin protection power too.
  • Spirulina - Platensis: 5 essential nutrients and 70 other nutrients nourish your skin and maintain firm skin.

        IWLT Hydra Treatment Toner (70ml)

        • Suitable for all skin types
        • For day/night use
        • Perfect booster toner before next skin care step


        • Rose Flower Oil: elegant and luxurious rose scent will make your skin feel relaxed.
        • Glyceryl Glucoside: 30,000 times smaller than Hyaluronic Acid, absorbs into your skin very quickly without stickiness and prevent any loss of moisture after washing your face.
        • Sodium Hyaluronate (complex): is made of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is stable so it can also work during day time. It enhances skin tone, texture and complexion. It will deeply moisturise and help you to get balanced skin back! Bye bye damaged skin!

        IWLT Purifying Skin Balance Cream (15ml)

        • Suitable for oily/combination skin types
        • For day/night use
        • Improves skin elasticity with anti-wrinkle care


        • Adenosine: KFDA approved anti wrinkle ingredient
        • Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract: controls sebum and oil release and tightens pores
        • Mastic Gum: To achieve glass skin
        • Glutathione: Enhances your complexion

        IWLT Protecting Base Sun Cream (15ml) (SPF50+/ PA+++)

        • Suitable for all skin types, recommended for dry/normal/combination skin types
        • For day use
        • Fast absorbing and all-day moisturising, without leaving a white-cast


        • Biomimetic Water: helps to improve skin texture, brighten skin tone and absorbs into skin effectively.
        • Pinus Pumilio Bark Extract: ingredients extracted from Coastal Fine Trees protect skin and help to strengthen skin barrier.