NEW K-lifestyle product launching this Thur, 21 Oct!

The up and coming handmade glass craft brand, Mowani Glass ( —  capturing style and emotions in the form of transparent objects like glass and various materials (for example, glass with ceramic, metal, fabric, natural founds and more). 

An emerging glass artist in South Korea, Yoowan Yang (absolute_mowaniis the artist behind Mowani Glass and she has also completed a Fine Arts degree, majoring in glass blowing. Her work incorporates a distinctive, honest style, which focuses on the natural beauty of glass. She combines traditional materials and modern techniques to create innovative glass works. Every piece is traditionally blown and handmade — No two are the same!  

Mowani Glass Bell Glass (5 Colours)

It includes your usual round glass shape with a drop-shaped foot, connected with a 1 tiered ball of soft pastel colours and Mowani Glass' signature bubbles (created by artificially forming in the glass block; due to its handmade nature, the quantity and size of air bubbles may vary). When viewed from above, the colour of the foot is clearly reflected.

Product Information

    Available Colours: Clear, Pink #50, Violet #53, Yellow #12, Sky Blue #46, Green
    Weight: 280g (May vary from 260-300g due to handmade nature)
    Size: Width 7.3cm / Diameter 7.3cm / Height 15.5cm (Due to its handmade nature, the actual size varies from product to product), 300ml 
    Country of Manufacture:
     South Korea
    Material: Bell Glass (Blown) 

    • Note: DO NOT place it in a microwave oven, dishwasher or expose it to high temperatures e.g. heating, cooking as this may cause product abnormality after being exposed to chemicals or high temperatures.

    Washing instructions: Please kindly take note that to use the normal scrub sponge for washing these dinnerware. Please DO NOT use metal scrub sponge (stainless steel sponge).

    *There may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor.
    *Please note that each piece is unique and may differ from the pictures, no two is the same as they are all traditionally blown by the artist.

    MUJAGI STUDIO Dinnerware: NEW Designs!

    NEW pieces from your favourite ceramic brand, MUJAGI STUDIO (mujagi_official) — producing objects with the artist’s heart and soul. Therefore, these objects are able to convey warmth and affection to your everyday life.

    A ceramic artist based in South Korea, Shin Boegun (boegun_m) is the artist behind MUJAGI STUDIO where his ceramic works are based on eco-friendly ideas. He has also won various awards and held various art collaborations in Korea.

    • Flower Leaf Small Plate
    • Flower Leaf Medium Plate
    • Flower Leaf Large Plate
    • Octo High Bowl
    • Flower 06 Thin
    • Flower 06 Mini Bowl (Gloss only)
    • Flower 06 Bowl (Gloss only)
    • Flower 08 Plate
    • Flower 08 Main Plate
    • Flower 3 Tiny Plates (Flower 04/ Flower 03/ Flower 19)

    While dinnerware is an essential element of any table setting for serving food, it can also be a decorative addition to enhance your table setting especially during special occasions or when you've having guests over.