Kindly refer to chart below on the different leather colours and material for Merken Flat purse




I'm sure we've all been through endless diggings in our bags just to find that wallet, keys, or answer a phone callAllow us to introduce you to the crossbody flat purse from Merken so you can save that hassle! 

This flat purse (also known as phone bag) has been a popular favourite among #ksistersfam for its stylish and wide compartment that can fit all your daily necessities! 

Forgo that big and heavy handbag that put you through endless digging when trying to pick up a call or footing your bill, chill out with your friends and family without worrying about your belongings.

Stay in trend with Merken Flat Purse that is practical and will definitely spice up your outfit!

<Play video from 41:00 to see the flat purses>