Pinkfong Chinese Song Sound Book


10 Chinese essential songs in 1 sound book! Corner of each book is rounded so that kids can easily grab! Love the ON/Off button at the back (so that mama can control hahaha)! check out the speaker quality too! Compared to market soundbooks average speaker, it is much bigger and we made sure that the sound is not too big (85 db below) It is my girls favorite book, so I specially asked Pinkfong HQ to let us sell it! Come and try out at the beauty n the biz! You and your little one will love is just like my girls.

1. 两只老虎 
2. 一二三四五六七 
3. 打电话 
4. 拔萝卜
5. 对不起, 没关系 
6. 数鸭子 
7. 找朋友 
8. 家族歌 
9. 小星星 
10. 祝你生日快乐 

Made in Korea

By Pinkfong Official

Ksisters is authorized reseller of Pinkfong in Singapore.

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